How Lipscore Can Help You Spot and Deal with Unhappy Customers

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: May 10, 2023

In a world where unhappy customers can damage a company’s reputation and lead to lost sales, spotting and addressing dissatisfaction is crucial. But how do you identify unhappy customers who don’t voice their concerns directly?

The Value of Feedback

Actively requesting feedback from all customers can help businesses identify areas for improvement, turn unhappy customers into loyal, repeat buyers, and even ambassadors of the brand. One of the best ways to do this is by using Lipscore, a powerful tool that helps businesses collect customer feedback and provide valuable insights into customers and products.

How Lipscore Can Help

With Lipscore’s “Support Trigger” function, companies can effectively capture and handle dissatisfied customers. Whenever a customer rates a product or shopping experience with one or two stars, Lipscore sends a notification to customer service. This allows them to address the issue immediately, turning a negative experience into a positive one. It also helps identify challenges related to production errors, incomplete product descriptions, packaging, and distribution.

The Benefits of Collecting Feedback with Lipscore

By collecting feedback through Lipscore, companies can make improvements that lead to fewer returns and complaints, more satisfied customers, and increased revenue. The data collected through Lipscore is reliable and accurate because only verified customers can give feedback. This data can also be used to innovate and make improvements to products and services, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.


By actively requesting feedback from customers, businesses can turn unhappy customers into loyal, repeat buyers, and brand ambassadors. An increasing number of chains and online stores are using Lipscore to create better customer experiences. By collecting feedback through Lipscore, businesses can spot and deal with unhappy customers, make improvements, and increase customer satisfaction. This leads to increased revenue and a better reputation in the market.

Client Testimonials

Horseonline: Support Triggers Help Us Make ALL Customers Happy

“The Support Trigger flags bad reviews, allowing customer service to take immediate action. This helps us make ALL our customers happy,” says Timmy Norin, CMO and Co-owner at Horseonline.

Horseonline also utilizes customer feedback to assess their product range. “The triggers flag products that consistently receive lower ratings than expected, providing us valuable data to evaluate whether a product should be retained or discontinued,” adds Norin.

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Makeup Mekka: Reviews from Real Customers Only

Makeup Mekka leverages the feedback collected through Lipscore for multiple purposes, including product development and assortment evaluation. “A product might be a bestseller, but if many customers are dissatisfied, we need to reconsider its inclusion in our lineup,” explains Berit Sjøvik, CEO of Makeup Mekka.

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Hasta Home: Identifying Improvement Opportunities

Hasta Home values customer feedback for uncovering areas of improvement. “Both positive and negative reviews are instrumental for our product development,” states Mathias Kaski, site manager at Hasta Home.

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Lanullva: Customer Feedback Enhances Products

“Ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount for us. Feedback is directly relayed to our production manager for immediate product improvement,” says Frank Skjelland, responsible for online shopping at Lanullva.

Skeidar: A Focus on Data-Driven Decisions

“We aim to be data-driven, so understanding what our customers think is crucial. Product reviews offer us invaluable data that informs our category development and purchasing decisions,” notes Skeidar’s Marketing Director Lars Thomte.

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