Makeup Mekka enters new markets with translated reviews – increasing consumer trust!

Makeup Mekka has recently expanded to several new markets, and they display reviews in local languages. «It increases trust when entering a new market», says CEO Berit Sjøvik.

Lipscore’s automatic translations have been implemented, giving Makeup Mekka advantages when selling across borders. The company entered the Swedish market in 2020 and recently it was time for both Denmark and Germany. «We already had a lot of Norwegian reviews,», says Berit. «But when we entered Sweden, Denmark and Germany, we had no local reviews to show. That’s why it was super important for customers to be able to see our other reviews, in their own languages.»

Makeup Mekka with automatically translated reviews

Scandinavian indie makeup brand

Makeup Mekka is a Scandinavian independent makeup brand. The products are sold in their own online stores only, without intermediaries. «We offer good quality at a lower price», explains Berit. «We are able to do that since we don’t have any physical stores». The make-up is manufactured in the same factories as other well-known brands, but with Makeup Mekka’s own logo and style. The goods are taken from the factory to the warehouse in Norway and then sent directly to the consumer. «It’s both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than distributing to many different stores.»

This is a constantly on-trend makeup brand, always able to quickly launch new products. «If we see a new trend on TikTok, we can act quickly and develop suitable products.» A process that is usually significantly longer and slower at larger companies. «We have the privilege of being a little more fun, more playful and personal. On social media as well.» At Makeup Mekka, retouched advertising is absolutely banned. They want to show natural beauty and realistic product images. Something that is very important to be able to meet customer expectations.

Reviews from real customers only

Makeup Mekka is based on Viskan’s ecommerce platform, in which a Lipscore integration was recently launched for collecting ratings and reviews. «The system we had before was very static. But Lipscore is customizable and guarantees genuine reviews. Many people fake reviews these days, so it’s important for us to show that our reviews come from real customers. And that we have a third-party system verifying our reviews,» says Berit. Lipscore’s built-in functionality ensures that all reviews come from genuine customers. And that they are written in the buyer’s own words without changes.

Makeup Mekka uses the feedback in several ways. In product development to see if a product needs to be updated. But also, to evaluate whether a product should be kept in the assortment or not. «A product can sell a lot, but if many people are dissatisfied with it, we need to think about whether it should be removed,» explains Berit. In addition, customer feedback is used in marketing. The company feels that young consumers prefer to get advice from other users. Who uses the makeup.

Great mobile adaption, integration, and collaboration

Almost all of Makeup Mekka’s sales come from mobile devices and therefore a good mobile adaptation is crucial. «We can customize how the ratings are displayed for our customers. As 95% of our sales come from mobile, mobile adaptation is very important.» In general, Berit is extremely satisfied with the collaboration between Viskan and Lipscore to create a well-functioning solution. «The advantage for us is that we have a common desire to achieve the very best integration,» she continues. «The technical part is working now, and we are just fine-tuning the widgets and design of the shop. Everything works superbly and we are incredibly satisfied.»

Top notch system and support

«Our Customer Success Manager at Lipscore is absolutely fantastic!» Berit exclaims when she speaks about their journey with Lipscore so far. «She understands where we are coming from and what our goal is. We ask a lot of questions, but she is very quick to answer, and we have received great help. The team at Lipscore have been extremely professional. We have benchmarked several other systems. But Lipscore is top notch compared to other leading solutions on the market!» colcludes Berit.

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