In just six months, Horseonline has almost tripled the number of rated products!

Six months ago, Horseonline chose to switch to Lipscore from one of the world’s largest solutions for ratings and reviews. This has resulted in several positive effects. The response rate has, among other things, increased from just over 6% to a whopping 24%!

«One of the most positive things is that the number of products with reviews has more than doubled», says Timmy Norin, CMO and Co-owner at Horseonline. «And then we’re only talking about products with written reviews. If we look at the number of ratings, the number of rated products has almost tripled. A significantly larger proportion of our product portfolio has reviews today, which improves the customer experience». And of course Timmy is very pleased with the positive development.

Horseonline with Lipscore real reviews

Focusing on the digital experience

Horseonline is a pure e-commerce company within equestrian sports, which is one of the largest sports in Sweden amongst youths. The company was founded in 2015 with a focus on the premium segment. But the range has expanded over the years and now also includes products for amateur equestrian riders as well as riding schools. Still with a focus on quality products.

Unlike their competitors, whose primary sales channel is physical stores, Horseonline is fully committed to online shopping. «All the systems we invest in have the intention of optimizing and creating the most efficient e-commerce possible,» Timmy explains. «With as fast deliveries and as good information as possible». Product reviews play a major role in providing customers with the information they need to complete an online purchase. Without being able to physically hold the product in their hands.

Horseonline have implemented several improvements to optimize the customer experience. Shipping options have become more flexible with Instabox and home deliveries as a complement to Postnord. They have chosen to work with the e-commerce platform Askås with excellent support for third-party integrations. «It enables us to collaborate with third-party providers who are specialists in different areas. Like Lipscore in terms of ratings and reviews». Both the ERP and WMS systems have also been upgraded. Something that above all has resulted in faster deliveries.

Reviews on all product variants offer great advantages

Many of the company’s products are available in different colors and sizes. With Horseonline’s previous solution for ratings and reviews, the ratings were tied to the exact model bought by the customer. But with Lipscore’s advanced product management, they appear on all color variants. «It’s a huge advantage that makes the number of product reviews skyrocket! »

Soon Horseonline will also start using Lipscore’s Product Attributes feature. Something that Timmy is very much looking forward to. It will allow customers to rate features such as size, quality and comfort. A feature that will potentially contribute to fewer returns as customers get even more information to base their purchasing decisions on.

Support Triggers help us make ALL customers happy

The Support Trigger flag bad reviews and give customer service the opportunity to take action. «It’s often a matter of misunderstandings, » Timmy says. «It happens that a satisfied customer writes a positive review but accidentally clicks on 1 star». Lipscore offers a short delay before publishing in order for the company to have time to contact the customer, clear up the mistake or solve the problem. The review invitation can then be sent out again. This was not the case with Horseonline’s previous solution for ratings and reviews. Unfortunately, with their previous provider, a customer had no opportunity to change a submitted review.

The customers’ feedback also help Horseonline evaluate their product range. «The trigger flags products that consistently get a different rating than we expected. And that gives us data for evaluating whether we should keep it or not. In some cases, we even pass the feedback on to the manufacturer. »

Today, 24% of customers choose to give a review

Horseonline’s customers are committed and want to share their experiences. Some products require time, thought and research before the customer is ready to make a purchase. «That makes you want to tell others what you actually think about the product. If you’re satisfied, you want to share. Otherwise, dissatisfied customers are often the ones speaking their mind. But we feel that many consumers want to show off their purchases and help others make the right choice».

Of course, this assumes that it’s easy for the customer to give feedback. This is part of the explanation why Horseonline has succeeded in raising the response rate from just over 6% to a whopping 24% with Lipscore. Unlike their previous solution, Lipscore offers the possibility to give a rating without a written review. This means that even people who don’t feel like writing a review can easily give a rating.

A high response rate benefits the brand

«A higher response rate also means that more people are exposed to our brand after purchase, » Timmy points out. «1-2 weeks after purchase, we want to re-expose customers to our brand. To remind them that they shopped with us. For example, this is important in order to get first-time buyers to shop again. » At the same time, Timmy emphasizes how incredibly significant the high response rate is for branding. Since many more customers are re-exposed to the brand after purchase today compared to before, it contributes to brand building.

Can more reviews lead to more cost-effective google ads?

Yes, it’s not at all unlikely, according to Timmy at Horseonline. But he points out that the company has made many investments during the year. Therefore, it can be difficult to track exactly which effects are a result from the collaboration with Lipscore. But he’s convinced that the significantly greater number of products that now have a review makes a difference. It has contributed to increased traffic, increased conversion and increased income from the company’s Google ads. In addition, with a lower cost development compared to the previous year.

«In short, I suspect that the reviews contributed to more cost-effective advertising. Which is more or less an opposite trend to what we expected, also compared to other channels. » An incredibly exciting development that will be interesting to follow in the coming years when the company has collected even more data.

Easy-to-use intuitive platform

«The platform is very user friendly and intuitive. We also have a closer dialogue with Lipscore than with our previous partner », says Timmy. It’s easier to brainstorm ideas and get help with further development.

The company has 7 permanent employees and seasonal workers and they aim to build an efficient e-commerce company. Therefore, an easy-to-work system is essential for reducing overhead costs and being able to spend money on growing instead. Today, Horseonline only delivers to Swedish customers and wants to establish themselves properly in their home market before expanding. But they are absolutely open to expand to other markets as well in the future!

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