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From its inception, Lipscore has been committed to preventing fake reviews. RealReviews by Lipscore™️ has always been a cornerstone of our identity. Starting January 17, 2023, however, we will only allow reviews from verified buyers. This ensures that every review on Lipscore is 100% genuine, written by real buyers in their own words, and verified for authenticity.

We believe that honest feedback fosters better customer experiences, superior companies, and exceptional employees, regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative. Below, you'll find details on what this means to us and what we expect from our customers.

How Lipscore Works

Each website that integrates Lipscore's platform for ratings and reviews has its own unique setup, but generally, the process is as follows:

  • The customer purchases a product or service in either an online or physical store.

  • A few days after the purchase, the customer receives an email or SMS asking for feedback. They can directly click on 1-5 stars in the email, a feature known as "rating."

  • Upon selecting the stars, the customer is automatically logged in through a unique, token-based login. The rating is then saved and published on the website. While the rating appears anonymously, both the seller and Lipscore know the identity of the rater.

  • The customer is redirected to the online store where they can leave a comment, known as a "review" (optional). This two-step process explains why Lipscore users often have more ratings than reviews.

  • Customers who opt to write a review publish it under their full name (e.g., "Jane Doe") or with their first name and the initial of their last name (e.g., "Jane D."). The name cannot be altered and must match the one used during the purchase.

  • A small "Verified Buyer" badge appears next to all reviews gathered post-purchase, affirming the review's authenticity.

Fraud, Spam, and Fake Reviews

Using Lipscore eliminates the possibility of fraud, spam, and fake reviews since we only permit reviews from verified buyers..

Reviews from Our Own Employees and Partners

Employees, suppliers, and other partners are prohibited from writing reviews, even if they have made a purchase. This policy is in place to maintain the credibility of our review system.

Deleting, Filtering, and Changing Negative Reviews

Online stores that wish to use Lipscore must adhere to our terms and conditions, which clearly state that reviews may not be moderated or deleted except in cases of inappropriate language. If such an instance occurs, the customer must be notified and asked to update their review.

For product reviews, the emphasis should be on the product's quality and utility. Delivery delays, poor customer service, etc., are generally not considered relevant in this context. In such cases, the review can be recategorized as a "service review," focusing on delivery time, customer service, and pricing.

Reviews are usually published immediately, but a short delay can be programmed into Lipscore's system to allow for the screening of inappropriate content.

No filters or algorithms can be employed to downplay or hide negative reviews.

Storage of Customer Data

Lipscore is a Norwegian company that adheres to privacy laws in all countries where we operate. Our data servers are located in Ireland and Norway. You can read more about our privacy policy here. We follow stringent guidelines for secure data storage as advised by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Prohibition of Prizes, Money, and Other Incentives

Soliciting positive reviews by offering money, gift cards, or promotional funds is strictly prohibited. If a customer updates a negative review after an issue has been resolved, they should not be pressured or incentivized to do so.

Responsibility and Complaint Handling

The editorial responsibility for reviews lies with the chains and online stores that use Lipscore. If you believe a company is not adhering to our guidelines, please email us at [email protected] for further investigation.

Deletion, Analysis, and Ownership of Customer Data

When Lipscore processes customer data, it happens on two levels:

  1. The end customer owns their own data and can request access or deletion at any time, in compliance with the Personal Data Act.

  2. Retail chains and online stores also own the data they collect and can export it if they choose to discontinue their relationship with Lipscore.

Such a transition must be conducted securely and responsibly, as outlined in our data processing agreement.

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