Hasta Home’s response rate is 3–4 times higher with Lipscore.

Hasta Home receives 3-4 times more reviews with Lipscore compared to their previous solution for ratings and reviews. It’s much easier for customers to give feedback now.

Hasta Home switched to Lipscore in August 2022 and since then they have increased their response rate significantly. Mathias Kaski, site manager at Hasta Home, says that the number of customers giving a review has increased 3-4 times compared to before. Now the response rate is 22%. «It’s very easy for customers to give feedback, you don’t have to have an account». Mathias also emphasizes the importance of users being able to give ratings and reviews for a website to build trust.Both in terms of products and service.

Hasta home online store with Lipscore ratings and reviews

Unique products and fast deliveries

The company has been around for 40 years and manufactures sun protection, curtains, and accessories. The idea was brought to life in a small blacksmith’s forge outside Arboga, Sweden, where owner Stefan Schörling started making his own curtain hooks. For a long time, the products were only sold through retailers, but 5-6 years ago a website was launched.

Sales are growing with each year. Unique products and fast deliveries are a large part of the success. Both in Sweden and throughout Europe, including Great Britain and Norway. The company manufactures and delivers both standard and customized products in desired dimensions up to 6 meters to private consumers as well as retailers. «We have very fast delivery times for our products. We usually deliver our orders to the customer within 2-4 days. »

Important to build trust on new markets

Hasta Home has recently expanded to several new markets and they’re not done yet. «The automatic translation in Lipscore is a great feature! It helps us build consumer trust », Mathias explains. «The fact that the reviews are shown in several languages means that consumers in new markets can see that the products have been sold in many other countries. The fact that they can also read the reviews in their own language increases their confidence in shopping from a new site»

The marketing and customer service team is also growing as the company expands. «We are incredibly proud of our team. They love working in the Lipscore platform because everything works so smoothly. It’s very easy to answer customers quickly and our employees feel they have more time for other things. »

The platform is easy to use

According to Mathias, the user-friendliness is the biggest difference between Lipscore and the company’s previous solution for ratings and reviews. «As well as the level of contact and sense of service. This applies to everything from our Customer Success Manager, who is outstanding in her work. To the portal itself, which is extremely easy to manage. We have great confidence in Lipscore as a company! »

Hasta Home’s current ecommerce solution WooCommerce has been integrated with Lipscore via a plugin. And according to Mathias, it went very smoothly. «It was quick and flawless. It was even faster than expected. We had a workshop where we went through how everything should look – all taken in consideration, a very quick process. »

Wants to identify improvement opportunities

At Hasta Home they believe that it’s important to receive customer feedback to find potential for improvement. Therefore, the company uses both service and product reviews to identify both positive and negative feedback. «It’s useful for us in our product development, » says Mathias.

The company also evaluates the customers’ buying experience and reviews the feedback they get at regular internal meetings. «We address both good and bad things that allow us to move on and improve. » They also have a brand experience manager who has the overall responsibility for follow-up. Both when it comes to making sure the feedback is answered by customer service and escalating both good and bad feedback internally.

Customizes customer invitations

«It’s great that you can set up a time span in the portal! » Hasta Home is in total control of when an invitation via Lipscore should be sent out to the customer. In this way, the auto-generated feeling can be avoided. «We haven’t been able to do that before. But now we can set specific time ranges for each individual market. That way, we feel confident that the customer receives the product before getting the invitation, which increases the chance of them giving us a rating », says Mathias.

Since August the company has gotten just over 1,000 reviews and 2,400 ratings so far. «And we haven’t even had our peak season yet, » emphasizes Mathias. «So, it’ll be very exciting to see the number of reviews we receive during the high season from February until summer. »

Adapted widgets matching the website design

In their online store Hasta Home has customized widgets that display ratings and reviews collected via Lipscore. This means that the widgets design matches the website design, without standing out. «The design is perfect, and it looks like they’ve always been there », says Mathias with satisfaction.

The company also thinks it is very positive that the reviews are displayed on all product variants. For example, if a product is available in several sizes or colors, the reviews will be shown on all. It provides feedback on more products, which helps customers make good purchase decisions.

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