Boost Your SEO Traffic by 416% with Google Reviews: A Case Study on Lampehuset

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: March 23, 2023

Learn how displaying customer ratings and reviews on Google can significantly increase website traffic. Utilizing GTIN and structured data, this process becomes almost automatic. Simply upload your Lipscore XML feed to Google Merchant Center. Importantly, always verify if your product ratings and reviews are displayed correctly on Google search results.

Lampehuset and Lipscore: A Partnership in Customer Reviews and Ratings

Since September 2020, Lampehuset has collected customer reviews and product ratings using Lipscore. Currently, 50% of their online product listings feature ratings, and about 25% include customer reviews. Lipscore’s XML feed, which is compatible with Google Merchant Center, incorporates markup within its rating widget. This feature facilitates the display of these ratings and reviews in Google’s Rich Snippets for organic product searches as well as in Google Shopping Ads. However, there are instances where Google might not showcase this valuable customer feedback. This was precisely the issue faced by Lampehuset: their product ratings and reviews were not appearing as they should have in Google Organic Searches or Google Shopping Ads. That’s where our specialized partners, such as Fullstakk, step in. They assist online retailers like Lampehuset in maximizing the SEO advantages of the customer ratings and reviews collected via Lipscore.

Why Google Didn’t Display Lampehuset’s Product Ratings & Reviews

Google Rich Snippets are engineered to display product ratings and reviews in organic search results. By uploading Lipscore’s XML feed to your Google Merchant Center account, you can ensure that these reviews are consistently updated on a daily basis. However, lacking structured data or encountering issues when sending GTINs to Lipscore can prevent these ratings and reviews from appearing in Google search results as you might wish. This was the situation Lampehuset found themselves in.

Confronted with challenges related to GTINs and structured data, Lampehuset was unable to display their customer reviews and product ratings in both Google Organic Searches and Google Shopping Ads. To tackle this issue, they engaged the services of their Google Agency, Fullstakk, which then coordinated with the web development agency Frontkom and Lipscore to find a solution.

SEO Action Plan Implemented:

  • Sent GTIN/SKU/ID data compatible with Lipscore
  • Created a custom Lipscore feed by aligning shopping feed products with existing reviews
  • Added SEO-friendly product information to organic search results
  • Fullstakk utilized MetaManager to fix missing GTINs and integrate structured data into Lampehuset’s product pages

SEO Impact: What Happened When Lampehuset Showed Ratings & Reviews on Google

  • Organic Product Search Results:
    • 416% boost in organic search traffic
    • 410% more products ranking on Google’s first page
    • 540% increase in organic impressions
  • Google Shopping Ads:
    • 135% hike in average CTR (Click-Through Rate)

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Unlock the Full SEO Potential of Lipscore with Fullstakk

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  • Enhancing organic search visibility
  • Boosting performance in Google Ads / Shopping
  • Optimizing the design and placement of the Lipscore widget for better conversion rates


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