Tempe VVS Senter on Increasing Customer Engagement and Satisfaction with Lipscore

Who says bathroom design has to be boring? At Tempe VVS Senter, you`ll discover all the essentials for your ideal bathroom and experience customer service that truly stands out. Imagine shipping goods to Africa for a customer opening a hotel, or tracking down a rare German supplier to meet the unique needs of a client in Oslo – Tempe VVS Senter consistently goes the extra mile to delight their customers. With a stellar response rate nearing 30% on their ratings, they’re clearly making an impact.

We sat down with Lars Erik Røe Magnussen, Marketing/Purchasing/Web Manager at Tempe VVS Senter, to explore how Lipscore has been crucial in strengthening their customer relationships. “Lipscore acts like a strict principal, keeping us on our toes – it’s akin to the Fenrik in Kompani Lauritzen,” Lars Erik remarked with a smile. Dive into our conversation for some enlightening insights!

A Company Overview

Tempe VVS Senter AS, based in Trondheim, is the largest VVS (plumbing, heating, and sanitary products) retailer in the region, offering a blend of traditional service and modern retail since 1994. With a sprawling 600 sqm store and exhibition space in Sluppen, Tempe VVS not only embraces physical retail with approximately two-thirds of its sales but also champions an advanced online store that contributes one-third of its turnover. Priding itself on showcasing a wide range of high-quality products, from well-known brands to niche offerings, Tempe VVS has mastered the art of physical and digital presence.

Unique Approach to Customer Service

Tempe VVS excels in customer interaction. Unlike many retailers that hide behind vague contact options, Tempe VVS displays direct contact details of all employees, fostering transparency and trust. This approach is complemented by the use of Lipscore, a powerful tool that not only gathers customer feedback but actively builds loyalty. “Lipscore builds loyalty,” remarks a Tempe VVS spokesperson, highlighting the positive impact of visible and verified customer reviews on their service quality. The high response rate through Lipscore confirms their commitment to excellence, “affirming that we are doing a good job.”

Partnership with Lipscore

Choosing Lipscore was a strategic decision driven by its ease of use and the compelling need for a reliable customer rating system. “Right after we contacted Lipscore, we were convinced that this is a good system”, Lars Erik explains. The positive feedback and the ability to improve visibility in their online store have been crucial. “Big creds to Lipscore for guiding us through changes in our online store,” he shares, appreciating the continuous support and the dual benefit of customer and employee feedback facilitated by Lipscore.

Customer Opinions and Onboarding Process

Customer opinions are invaluable at Tempe VVS. They guide daily operations and strategic decisions, with Lipscore playing a crucial role as a “strict principal in the room,” offering both praise and constructive criticism. The onboarding process with Lipscore was straightforward, and supported by excellent customer service, making it a seamless integration into their operations.

Customer-Centric Operations

Tempe VVS has integrated the technology of Lipscore with traditional customer service. They handle all orders manually, ensuring that each customer decision is optimal—highlighting mismatches in product combinations and preventing potential issues. This attention to detail ensures a problem-free customer experience, which is central to their philosophy.

Strategic Use of Customer Feedback

Lipscore not only serves as immediate reassurance of Tempe VSS`s high-quality service but also acts as a strategic tool for improving product selections and store offerings. “We do not want negative ratings; therefore, we push ourselves to deliver excellent service every day,” Lars Erik states. This proactive approach is further enhanced by their responsiveness to customer needs, as evidenced by their quick adaptation to provide highly requested products like specialized shower toilets and their maintenance supplies.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the significant challenges in the VVS market is addressing complex customer queries, particularly those related to product maintenance and longevity. Tempe VVS turns these challenges into opportunities to educate customers and extend product lifespans, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships.

Recent Initiatives and Future Plans

Recently, Tempe VVS has focused on strengthening its online content through SEO, proud of every informative article they publish. These efforts enhance their visibility and directly respond to customer searches and needs, further solidifying their market presence. Looking ahead, Tempe VVS is excited about the potential of incorporating live shopping and starting a podcast to offer detailed insights into product usage and maintenance.

Traditional Values and Modern Technology

Tempe VVS Senter’s success story with Lipscore illustrates a perfect blend of traditional values and modern technology, leading to unmatched customer satisfaction and innovative service delivery. “Verified customer reviews mean everything to us, and its impact will be even larger in the future”. As they continue to expand their digital footprint and enhance in-store experiences, “Lipscore will be very important to us in the time ahead”, Lars Erik concludes.

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