To fully leverage collected product reviews, proactive efforts are essential to make sure that your ratings and reviews are prominently displayed in search engines as well as in your online store.

Fullstakk specializes in Google and conversion optimization, enabling you to maximize the impact of your product reviews across search engines and your online storefront.

In addition to this, Fullstakk can assist you in devising and executing growth plans across all channels. They have been recognized with an INMA Online Performance diploma for their growth strategies implemented for the car subscription service, Fleks.


Fullstakk recently helped their client, Lampehuset, achieve significant optimizations with outstanding results. You can read more about this below.

416% Organic Traffic Boost: Lampehuset’s Partnership with Fullstakk & Lipscore

Discover how Lampehuset, Norway's leading lighting specialist, boosted its organic traffic by 416% through a strategic partnership with Fullstakk and Lipscore. Learn how customer reviews and expert collaborations led to [...]
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Boost Your SEO Traffic by 416% with Lipscore Ratings & Reviews: Lampehuset Case Study

Learn how displaying customer ratings and reviews on Google can significantly increase website traffic. Utilizing GTIN and structured data, this process becomes almost automatic.
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