416% Organic Traffic Boost: Lampehuset’s Partnership with Fullstakk & Lipscore

Lampehuset, Norway’s leading lighting specialist, saw an astounding 416% increase in organic traffic, thanks to their strategic partnership with Fullstakk and Lipscore. Wondering how they achieved it? It all comes down to maximizing customer reviews on Google.


Lampehuset, also known as House of Lamps, is a dominant player in Norway’s lighting industry, with 36 physical locations and a robust online presence in both Norway and Sweden. Offering a broad selection of over 2,000 lighting products, interior design items, and exclusive brands, the company has had a whirlwind two years. “We’ve launched our Swedish online store, HouseofLamps.se, and an exclusive customer loyalty program,” says Anna Svärd, Lampehuset’s E-Commerce Manager.

Specialist Partnerships for Success

Lampehuset broke into the Swedish market and established its customer loyalty program through collaborations with industry experts. Web agency Frontkom developed Lampehuset’s online platforms and loyalty solutions. “They act as trusted advisors, helping us find the most effective solutions,” Anna explains.

Fullstakk: Maximizing the Impact of Ratings and Reviews

Fullstakk, experts in Google optimization, played a critical role in the significant growth of Lampehuset’s organic search traffic. “Fullstakk ensures our product ratings and reviews are properly displayed on Google. They conduct A/B testing to identify the most effective strategies for boosting customer trust and conversion rates,” says Anna.

SEO Impact: The collaboration has led to a 416% surge in organic traffic and a 135% increase in click-through rate (CTR) on Google Shopping Ads.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

“The direct engagement between Lipscore, Frontkom, and Fullstakk streamlines problem-solving,” Anna remarks, emphasizing the efficiency of this three-way partnership.

Customer Reviews: A Key to Success

Chosen for its user-friendly dashboard and easy integration, Lipscore has become an essential tool for Lampehuset. Currently, 50% of Lampehuset’s product line has ratings, and 25% has customer reviews, offering valuable insights into customer satisfaction and product quality.

Building Customer Trust

Customer reviews add credibility and foster trust. This was particularly helpful when Lampehuset entered the Swedish market, leveraging Lipscore’s auto-translations of reviews for instant credibility.

Utilizing Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Lampehuset takes a proactive approach to feedback. “The support triggers alert us to negative reviews, allowing for swift issue resolution,” says Anna. This feedback also influences product offerings and even potential design changes.

What’s Next?

Lampehuset, in collaboration with Frontkom and Fullstakk, is working on further enhancing product pages to showcase top reviews. This continues their commitment to leveraging customer feedback for continuous improvement.

This collective approach has resulted in skyrocketing organic traffic and CTR rates, setting Lampehuset on a path for continued success in 2023 and beyond.

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