How to Display Ratings and Reviews in Google’s Organic Search Results: A Guide

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: March 22, 2022

Boosting website traffic is a common goal for most online businesses, and one effective way to achieve this is by displaying your product ratings and reviews in Google’s organic search results. This not only enhances your site’s SEO but also boosts customer trust. Here’s how to make sure your ratings and reviews appear correctly on Google by leveraging GTIN and structured data.

How Do I Verify that Ratings and Reviews Appear in Google Search?

To start, pick a product on your website that ideally has at least 15 ratings. Check if its ratings and reviews are visible in Google’s organic search results.

Note: Make sure you have implemented the Rating widget, known as Lipscore-rating, on your product pages. This widget includes markup, which is crucial for this process.

Why Might Ratings Not Appear in Google Search?

Google uses Rich Snippets to display ratings and reviews in search results. These snippets should automatically show the star rating of your product when someone searches for it. However, if you haven’t correctly implemented the Lipscore-rating widget on your product pages or encountered issues in sending GTINs to Lipscore, the ratings and reviews won’t display as they should.

Structured data like product names, descriptions, reviews, ratings, stock status, and prices help Google better understand the content of your web pages.

Steps to Ensure Your Ratings Display Correctly

To Show Star Ratings:

  1. The product page must have customer reviews.
  2. Define the necessary properties for both the product and its reviews.
  3. Implement the structured data for the product type in the <head> section or through Google Merchant Center.
  4. Validate your page with Google’s Rich Results Tool and inspect it with the URL inspection tool.

Remember, the Lipscore-rating widget should be on your product pages as it includes the necessary markup.

For additional support, our partner Fullstakk, a Premium Google agency, is available to assist you.

Case Study: Lampehuset’s Success in Displaying Ratings

  • 416% increase in organic search traffic
  • 410% more products appearing on the first search page
  • 540% more organic impressions

How Did Lampehuset Achieve This?

Lampehuset faced issues with sending GTINs to Lipscore and also lacked structured data on their product pages. They consulted Fullstakk, who collaborated with their web development agency, Frontkom, and Lipscore, to resolve the issues. Fullstakk employed Metamanager to input structured data on Lampehuset’s product pages.

Metamanager: Your Tool for Structured Data

With Metamanager, you can:

  • Match your online store’s GTIN / SKU / ID with Lipscore data.
  • Create a customized Lipscore feed by syncing product data with reviews.
  • Enhance organic search results with additional product information.

Interested in Metamanager? Contact us for more information.

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