Shopify is a widely-used e-commerce platform, particularly popular among Nordic online retailers. Integration with Lipscore is quick and straightforward.


Type of integration: App developed by Lipscore available in Shopify appstore 

Who can do the integration: Your developer, your development agency, Lipscore developer.

Estimated time for integration: For Lipscore: 3-5 working days from the moment access is granted and integration preferences are specified to the developer. 


Shopify, a widely used e-Commerce platform, integrates quickly with Lipscore. Follow the footsteps of over 20 Shopify online stores—such as, Chillout, Amok Equipment, and many others—by leveraging Lipscore to generate 2 to 4 times more ratings and authentic reviews. Explore our selected references below to read about their positive experiences with Lipscore.

Transforming Engagement: PoundFun’s Remarkable Growth Journey with Lipscore

When you’re a growing, ambitious brand one of the most difficult things to do is to start making your name in the market.  With plenty of investment and a dedication [...]
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Dermalogica, the skincare sensation, transforms its customer journey with Lipscore`s dynamic force! Boasting a remarkable response rate on ratings, exceeding the Lipscore average, Dermalogica prioritizes personalization, understanding that shared customer [...]
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