Mystore is Norway’s premier e-commerce platform. Customers using Mystore benefit from a fixed, low-cost integration and subscription for Lipscore. Thanks to a ready-made app, Lipscore can be easily integrated into your online store, often going live within just a couple of weeks after ordering the integration and subscription.

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Type of integration: App for backend integration developed by Lipscore and widgets module developed by Mystore. 

Who can do the integration: Lipscore (backend) after we receive an API authentication token and store name from you & Mystore (frontend) after they receive your request for integration at [email protected] 

Estimated time for integration: Up to 5 working days from the moment preferences are specified. 

Estimated cost for integration: One-time fee for Mystore + cost of the selected pricing plan. Please visit Mystore’s page presenting pricing plans.


Join over 40 Mystore online stores—including KO&KO, Vakre Vene, DressMyKid, Rudo, and many more—in achieving a 2- to 4-fold increase in ratings and genuine reviews through Lipscore.

Browse our selected references to read about their success stories with Lipscore.

KO:KO Norway

In just under a week of partnering with Lipscore, KO:KO, the unique dress concept, went live with Lipscore Real Reviews, and what a difference it has made! Fast forward a [...]
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The online store loves their customers. And their customers love them back! The ratings & reviews widget displaying the total score of 4,9 out of 5 stars based on more than [...]
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Order Integration.

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NOTE: Currently, Lipscore only works with themes America, Europa og New York. Contact Mystore if you use a different theme.

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