Abicart is Sweden’s largest platform for e-commerce. They have developed a module that allows you to add widgets to your website’s homepage and product pages. The integration can be performed by anyone with admin access to both your website editor and your Lipscore account, and it is free of charge.


Type of integration: Module developed by Abicart, where you can add widgets to your website on homepage and product pages.  

Who can do the integration: Anyone in your team with admin access to your website editor (no technical knowledge required) and your Lipscore account. Here are Abicart’s instructions. Lipscore is not involved in the integration process.

Estimated time for integration: Depending how well you know the editor and how many store views you want to do the setup for. 1-3 hours per store view.  

Estimated cost for integration (Charged by Abicart): Free of charge.


Abicart, Sweden`s largest e-commerce platform, and Lipscore both cater to a number of shared customers. Explore our selected references and read about their positive Lipscore-experiences below.


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