Sticky Skates

We’re elated to spotlight Sticky Skates, a Swedish store that began harnessing the power of Lipscore’s ratings and reviews in January. Boasting an incredible average Service Rating of 4.9 stars based on 111 ratings, it’s crystal clear their customers are ecstatic with the service!

Seamless Integration with Abicart

Sticky Skates operates on Abicart, Sweden’s leading e-commerce platform. Abicart has developed a specialized module that effortlessly lets users integrate Lipscore widgets on both homepage and product pages. The best part? This integration is so user-friendly that anyone with admin access to both your website editor and Lipscore account can perform it!

Universal Compatibility with Abicart-Based Stores!

What this means for you: Lipscore can be smoothly integrated into any online store operating on Abicart’s platform.

More Stars. Real Reviews.

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