The Importance of User Reviews in the Sports Industry

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: May 12, 2022

The sports industry occupies a unique space when it comes to customer engagement and user reviews. According to Henning Frettem, an industry expert and the founder of Lipscore, this sector is a prime ground for collecting insightful customer feedback, whether it’s product reviews, brand opinions, or even reviews on hotels and restaurants associated with sports events.

Different Types of User Reviews in the Sports Industry

In the realm of customer feedback, the term “user reviews” often pertains to online product reviews. However, reviews can also extend to a brand, store, or experience like hotel stays and restaurant visits. Typically, these reviews are categorized into two types: star ratings (usually 1-5) and written text, often referred to as “reviews.”

Deep Customer Engagement in Sports Equipment

Lipscore, founded by Henning Frettem, specializes in technology that gathers user reviews. Serving hundreds of clients including online stores like Sportsmaster, Hekta På Tur, Northern Playground, Skitt Fiske, and brick-and-mortar chain Sportshopen, Lipscore has deep insights into customer behavior in the sports industry.

“Customers in the sports sector are highly engaged. They diligently research before making a purchase and are eager to share their experiences post-purchase. The sports industry is a tight-knit community teeming with experts,” notes Frettem.

Utilizing Customer Data Across the Organization

According to Frettem, sports retailers using Lipscore’s technology often see as many as 1 in 5 customers giving post-purchase feedback. This behavior is not limited to high-value items like treadmills or bicycles; it extends to smaller purchases like training jerseys or balls.

Data from Lipscore suggests that the average sports product receives a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Negative reviews are minimal, and companies who focus on quality don’t dread them.

“Companies aiming for transparency and genuineness appreciate all feedback. They seek large volumes of representative data that mirrors reality,” states Frettem.

The Maturation of the User Review Market

Frettem observes that the market for user reviews is maturing. Initially, businesses were mainly interested in user reviews for boosting sales and SEO rankings. While these are still valid points, top-tier companies are now using customer data more holistically.

“The leading companies today utilize customer feedback across various departments, from supplier negotiations to marketing strategies and in-store performance metrics. Everything is measurable,” concludes Frettem.

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