Skitt Fiske Boosts Customer Experience and Innovation with Lipscore & ITX

Skitt Fiske leverages the Lipscore review management system and ITX customer center platform to cultivate unparalleled customer experiences and foster innovation. These integrated systems allow Skitt Fiske to collect valuable customer feedback on products and their online shopping journey. Utilizing this data, the company not only optimizes customer service but also gains actionable insights for product and process improvements.

Personalized Customer Interactions Through Smart Integrations

Skitt Fiske has effectively integrated its ITX platform with its ERP system, Multicase, and Lipscore. This synchronization ensures that customer data is readily available, empowering the support team to offer highly personalized service. Features like real-time package tracking, order status, and personalized quotes enrich the customer interaction, making it seamless and tailored.

Proactive Customer Engagement with Lipscore and ITX

Lipscore funnels all reviews into the ITX platform, where they appear much like chat conversations. This structure allows for immediate action, particularly on triggers such as negative reviews. The aim is to swiftly address any customer concerns or misunderstandings and turn them into positive experiences.

Moreover, Lipscore’s Q&A feature lets customers post product-related questions, the answers to which are subsequently displayed on product pages. This dual-purpose tool serves both as a direct line of communication and a dynamically updating FAQ resource.

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Team Unity with ITX

According to Joachim Magnussen, Customer Service Manager at Skitt Fiske, ITX’s platform fosters increased efficiency and promotes team unity. “ITX has made intra-departmental communication and collaboration simpler, resulting in a cohesive team environment,” he notes.

From a managerial perspective, CEO Anders Amundsen underscores ITX’s contributions to overall business performance. “ITX’s analytics and NPS measurement tools enable data-driven discussions, allowing us to continually refine our strengths and identify areas for improvement,” he explains.

Why Choose Lipscore and ITX for Your Business?

  1. Rapid Deployment: ITX’s cloud-based service eliminates the need for any installation, offering a quick and cost-effective setup.
  2. Comprehensive Review Management: Lipscore seamlessly integrates with ITX, allowing you to:
    • Respond to specific reviews based on star ratings.
    • Manage support triggers and tickets.
    • Engage in product Q&As.

All customer interactions are stored in one unified system, making your customer engagement efforts more streamlined and effective.

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