How Product Reviews Boost Traffic, Conversion, and Sales

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: February 15, 2023

Product reviews are more than just customer feedback; they are a potent sales catalyst. According to research from Spiegel, having product reviews can spike the likelihood of a purchase by an astounding 270%. This is especially significant for higher-priced items, albeit slightly less so for budget-friendly products. With the upcoming Lipscore Analytics, you can now dissect your conversion rates based on the volume of product ratings, enabling you to strategize for increased sales effectively.

Building Trust and Boosting Sales with Verified Reviews

Even a small cluster of product reviews boasting an average rating of 4.0 to 4.7 can skyrocket both conversion and sales. The reason? These reviews build consumer trust. Shoppers often find the candid feedback from actual users more credible than any marketing-driven product description. Reviews also guide more informed purchasing decisions, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

SEO Benefits: More Traffic, Higher Google Rankings

Product reviews are a goldmine for organic traffic. Every new review refreshes your online store’s product page, something that Google algorithms adore. Moreover, reviews engage consumers, increasing the time they spend on your product pages, which in turn enhances your Google rankings. Star ratings visible in product search results further improve the click-through rate. In summary, product reviews contribute to a trifecta of SEO benefits: higher Google rankings, more page views, and a better click-through rate.

Understanding the Customer Journey with Lipscore Analytics

“The customer journey is increasingly beginning online, even for those who finalize their purchases in physical stores,” notes Jonny Hansen, COO at Lipscore. “You need a good number of reviews across a broad range of your products, or you risk losing out on traffic, conversions, and sales.”

Lipscore Analytics, set to launch soon, allows retailers to visualize the correlation between the volume of product ratings and conversion rates. This analytical tool will also enable you to monitor the trends in conversion and sales over time, making ROI calculations a breeze.

Unlock the Potential of Product Reviews with Lipscore Analytics

Lipscore Analytics offers an innovative way to understand how product reviews impact your online and in-store success. Don’t miss out on the potential to increase traffic, boost conversion rates, and elevate sales.

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