Lipscore’s Latest Milestones and Innovations!

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: February 6, 2024

In the autumn of last year, Lipscore celebrated a significant leap forward, securing an impressive investment of €2.2 million. This financial boost accelerates our expansion, signalling exciting developments for our customers and partners. Choosing Lipscore means investing in the future of customer satisfaction. So, let’s dive into our latest achievements and innovations!

Global Expansion

Lipscore has seen remarkable growth! In 2023, we doubled our brand partnerships to over 600 and our team expanded from 18 to 43 members. We’ve opened a new Customer Success Team office in Poland and launched additional offices in the Netherlands and Denmark in January 2024 to reach new markets. Plus, our Oslo headquarters has moved to a fantastic new location at Dronningens gate 3, at the heart of Christianiakvartalet – we’re excited for you to visit!

Flourishing Partnerships

Our partner network has blossomed, with 11 new partnerships in 2023, increasing our total to 34. This growth underscores our dedication to excellence and the trust agencies place in recommending Lipscore.

Upcoming Tech Upgrades

Our tech team is gearing up for significant updates, including the launch of Lipscore Analytics before summer. Prepare for a redesigned backend, AI-powered review moderation, a new marketing module, widget enhancements, and a smoother invite process, all set for Q1/Q2.

Strategic Alliances

In 2023, we forged alliances with the loyalty programs Diller and Voyado, marking a strategic move that positions Lipscore and our clients for a competitive edge. These partnerships simplify the process of collecting feedback across all customer touchpoints. This leads to an increase in ratings and reviews, boosting your Google rankings and driving both online and in-store traffic. Moreover, it provides actionable insights that help refine your offerings.

A Note of Thanks

To our valued customers and partners, your support fuels our journey. We look forward to achieving even greater success together. If you’re considering joining us, let this serve as a glimpse of the benefits awaiting you. We’re excited to welcome new members to our growing community!

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