Voyado is a powerful platform designed to personalize customer journeys, thereby enhancing engagement and driving business growth. As a game-changing solution, Voyado not only fosters customer loyalty but also boosts sales.

The seamless backend integration between Voyado and Lipscore enables direct collection and management of customer ratings and reviews, both from your online and physical stores, through the Voyado platform.

Customer reviews and product ratings, whether obtained online or in-store, are instantly integrated into Voyado. This feedback, sourced from Lipscore, can be analyzed using Voyado’s analytical tools to make data-driven decisions. The platform also allows for customer segmentation based on reviews, ratings, and other pertinent data, facilitating targeted communication. Additionally, Voyado offers the capability to create custom email invitations for customer feedback. All feedback request emails from Lipscore are dispatched via Voyado to ensure consistent communication.


Type of integration: App developed by Lipscore.

Who can do the integration: Lipscore (requires that you request details from Voyado). 

Estimated time for integration: Approximately 2 hours, within up to 5 working days from the time details provided by Voyado are sent to our Customer Success Team.

Estimated cost for integration: Lipscore: 1390 NOK per hour x 2h = 2780 NOK


Voyado, a powerful platform personalizing customer journeys, integrates easily with Lipscore. By merging Lipscore’s review capabilities with Voyado’s extensive customer experience platform, we deliver significant value to mutual clients. Explore our selected references below.

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