Indiska, one of Sweden’s oldest lifestyle brands, has recently started collecting ratings and reviews with Lipscore. We are impressed with how seamlessly the ratings and reviews widgets have been integrated into the website’s design. When clicking on “Reviews,” the review listing appears to the right. Additionally, the Product-Attributes-widget displays how other buyers found the product’s size accuracy, making it easier for new buyers to select the correct size and reducing the risk of returns due to the item being too small or too big.

Furthermore, all reviews are automatically translated into all languages supported by the online store. Reviews gathered from buyers in Norway, Sweden, and Finland are displayed in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English, and German, allowing customers to read reviews in their native language and building trust with them.

This feature also positions Indiska for expansion into new markets. Ratings and reviews shared across markets enable customer feedback gathered in current markets to build trust and boost sales in future markets.

E-commerce solution: Optimizely

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