Lipscore Elevates Growth for Friendly Soap: A 53% Response Rate!

In competitive markets it is increasingly vital that businesses are found online, but in order to do that you need to be willing to invest the time and money into innovative new processes to get the edge over the competition. 

Friendly Soap did just that and is the prime example of a forward-thinking business ready to implement new strategies in order to grow. 

Putting people and ethics before profits

Based in West Yorkshire in the UK, Friendly Soap was founded in 2008 and employs more than 20 people in roles across the business. 

With a focus of “putting ethics before profits”, the company was looking for a new way to reach a growing audience of customers searching for eco-friendly, ethically manufactured products including soaps, shampoos and shaving bars and they felt that the way to do this was to start collecting reviews and ratings from their passionate and knowledgeable customer base.

The objectives: increasing brand visibility and trust

Friendly Soap chose Lipscore as their platform to do this in the summer of 2023, with the objective of increasing their online visibility, improving trust in the brand and driving more sales of their exciting range of products.

Before working with Lipscore the brand was reliant on an existing customer base, social media and organic search to drive engaged traffic to the site. While this was working, there was significant potential for growth that remained untapped and prompted Friendly Soap to sign up for a trial with Lipscore.

The process: collecting product views across the store

Adding Lipscore to their website enabled Friendly Soap to send automated emails to customers post-purchase, not only asking them to leave feedback on the products they bought but also taking them back to the site opening the door for them to potentially buy more.

Unlike other ratings and reviews platforms, Lipscore does not require a lengthy registration or feedback process meaning that Friendly Soap’s customers could simply click an email saying that their order had been delivered and then leave optional ratings and reviews. 

These reviews and ratings were then added to the site alongside the corresponding products which helps add trust and credibility for users, and also helps the brand in terms of increasing organic search visibility with the ratings aiding search performance, too. 

This feedback is also used internally to help the brand shape future strategies, informing them of the most popular products in terms of customer satisfaction and not just sales figures, and also helping reduce returns with customers leaving positive reviews leading to more confidence in buying first-time. 

The results: achieving a 53% response rate

Fast-forward to January 2024 and Friendly Soap are not simply achieving their objectives, they are surpassing them. Since adding the ratings and reviews platform to their website the UK-based brand has seen an approximate increase in online sales of 25% year-on-year with more than 2,800 reviews already collected across the range of products. 

This increased engagement with customers has enabled the brand to build up a fantastic reputation in the industry with a growing number of products on the site now featuring ratings and reviews thanks to a 53% response rate to invitations. 

“We’re thrilled with the results”

Chris Mather from the Friendly Soap team is delighted with the brand’s results to date, describing the initial experience with Lipscore as “truly amazing.”

He went on to add that “Since joining we’ve successfully gathered thousands of reviews, significantly enhancing the visibility and Google ranking of our top products. 

The platform’s user-friendliness makes the setup and navigation a breeze, and what really sets Lipscore apart is the personal touch they bring to the table. There’s always a friendly team member ready to assist with any extra questions.

We’re thrilled with the results since incorporating Lipscore into our strategy. Achieving an impressive 53% response rate, (with mainly positive reviews), has made a substantial impact on our business. It has not only boosted our visibility but also built trust with customers, ultimately leading to an increase in sales. We are so pleased with Lipscore and highly recommend their services!”

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