Lillelam Gains Global Momentum with Lipscore’s Automated Review Translation

Lillelam, a Norwegian children’s clothing brand specializing in merino wool garments, has been enjoying international attention without even actively marketing outside of Norway. This burgeoning global interest is now being capitalized upon with the support of Lipscore.

Two Decades of Sustainable, Quality Children’s Clothing

Founded in 2004, Lillelam was created to address a gap in the Norwegian market for high-quality children’s clothing made from merino wool. Sustainability is at the core of their business model, influencing decisions across the entire supply chain—from ethical factory partnerships to eco-friendly materials. “We aim to produce clothing that outlasts trends and can be passed down through generations,” says Mia Kristine Holt, Head of Operations and E-commerce at Lillelam.

Omni-Channel Retail: Physical Stores and E-Commerce

With two brick-and-mortar locations in Oslo and a robust online presence, Lillelam ensures their collection is accessible to consumers across Norway and beyond. Through partnerships with retailers, the brand can showcase its products in approximately 250 stores nationwide. Mia explains, “Retailers enable customers to experience the softness and quality of our merino wool first-hand, although they often carry only a subset of our full range.”

The Untapped Potential of International Markets

Although Lillelam launched its international online store three years ago, it has largely operated without significant marketing efforts. Despite this, orders have poured in from diverse locations such as Japan, Australia, Canada, and various European countries. “We are eager to expand our international footprint, and Lipscore’s automated review translation can make that a reality,” Mia adds. As reviews are currently absent from their global website, adding this feature would substantially boost consumer trust and visibility.

Customer Feedback as a Business Catalyst

What sets Lipscore apart is its ability to facilitate direct customer feedback, a feature that Lillelam finds invaluable. “We regularly log into Lipscore to gauge customer sentiment and adapt our product offerings accordingly,” says Mia. The team also appreciates the alert system for negative reviews, which prompts them to engage the customer to identify areas for improvement.

Boosting Online Presence Through Reviews on Google

Lillelam is in the process of integrating Lipscore’s Product Attributes feature to obtain more granular customer feedback on specific product characteristics like sizing. Furthermore, the company values Lipscore’s widget that displays star ratings and selected reviews, which positively impact Google search results. “We understand the influence reviews have on purchasing decisions, making their visibility on Google a significant competitive advantage,” concludes Mia.

By leveraging Lipscore’s unique features, Lillelam is not just optimizing its online presence but also scaling its brand to new international heights, while maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustainability and quality.

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