Hasta Home Boosts Response Rate by 3-4x with Lipscore: A Success Story

Since switching to Lipscore in August 2022, Hasta Home has seen a significant surge in their customer feedback response rate. According to Mathias Kaski, the site manager at Hasta Home, the volume of customer feedback has skyrocketed by 3-4 times compared to their previous ratings and reviews solution. Impressively, the company’s current response rate now stands at 22%.

“The Lipscore system makes it incredibly easy for our customers to provide feedback—no need for an account,” states Mathias. He further highlights the crucial role of customer ratings and reviews in building a trustworthy online presence, both for products and services.

A 40-Year Legacy Transformed by Ecommerce and Fast Deliveries

Founded 40 years ago, Hasta Home originated in a small blacksmith’s forge outside Arboga, Sweden. Stefan Schörling, the owner, began by crafting his own curtain hooks. For years, the products were available only through retailers. However, 5-6 years ago, the company expanded its reach through online sales.

Today, Hasta Home enjoys robust sales growth, thanks to their unique products and expedited delivery services. Their offerings extend across Europe, including Great Britain and Norway. “Our rapid delivery times—typically within 2-4 days—set us apart,” claims Mathias.

Expanding Market Reach and Building Trust with Lipscore’s Multi-language Feature

Hasta Home’s growth ambitions don’t stop at existing markets. They have recently ventured into new territories. “Lipscore’s automatic translation feature has been instrumental in helping us establish consumer trust in new markets,” says Mathias.

The company also prides itself on its growing customer service and marketing team. “Our team loves Lipscore’s user-friendly platform. It streamlines our customer interaction processes, freeing up our time for other essential tasks,” he adds.

Seamless Integration and Usability

In contrast to their previous system, Lipscore’s ease of use and outstanding customer support have been game-changers for Hasta Home. Their current ecommerce platform, WooCommerce, integrates smoothly with Lipscore through a plugin. “The integration process exceeded our expectations in speed and efficiency,” Mathias points out.

Leveraging Customer Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Understanding the power of customer feedback, Hasta Home uses it as a tool for continuous improvement. Both positive and negative reviews are invaluable for product development and are discussed during regular internal meetings. A dedicated brand experience manager is responsible for ensuring that customer feedback is not only addressed but also used to make internal improvements.

Customizing Customer Invitations and Widgets for a Tailored Experience

Hasta Home leverages Lipscore’s portal to control the timing of customer invitations for reviews. “This feature lets us avoid an auto-generated feel and ensures that the customer has received the product before asking them for a review,” explains Mathias.

Customized widgets displaying Lipscore’s collected ratings and reviews seamlessly blend into Hasta Home’s website. “The widgets are so well-integrated that they look like they’ve always been part of our website,” Mathias concludes.

Looking Ahead

Since August, Hasta Home has accumulated over 1,000 reviews and 2,400 ratings. “And we haven’t even hit our peak season yet,” notes Mathias, anticipating an exciting high season from February until summer.

By partnering with Lipscore, Hasta Home has not only optimized their customer feedback process but has also built a robust, multi-lingual platform that supports their rapid growth and expansion.

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