How Gilda Liljeblad Leverages Customer Reviews for Skincare Success

Learn how Gilda Liljeblad, a pioneering skincare brand from Sweden, amplifies customer trust and enhances brand credibility through authentic reviews and automated outreach, powered by Lipscore.

“Since customers can’t test the products beforehand to see results, it’s crucial for us to enable them to read others’ opinions. That’s a key reason we utilize Lipscore,” shares Maria Lundin, Marketing Manager at Gilda Liljeblad.

A Vision for Skincare with Visible Results

Founded in 1988 by one of Sweden’s most experienced aestheticians, Gilda Liljeblad Koornstra, Gilda Liljeblad aims to provide advanced skincare solutions that yield visible results. “We focus on ensuring that every customer finds the right product for their skin type. We offer a detailed skincare guide and direct access to expert advice from our aestheticians online,” explains Maria.

Empowering You to Be Your Best Self

The brand’s core philosophy is that healthy skin can boost self-confidence and overall well-being. Despite stiff competition in one of the world’s largest sectors, Gilda Liljeblad distinguishes itself by offering result-driven products. “We aim to provide a solid, effective skincare foundation rather than chase fleeting trends,” Maria emphasizes.

Streamlined Reviews with Automated Outreach

Maria notes, “We wanted a system to collect abundant reviews from those who have experienced our products first-hand.” Before Lipscore, they relied solely on Google reviews, which proved cumbersome for customers. “Lipscore’s automated, streamlined process makes it effortless for customers to rate products directly in the email, enhancing our outreach success.”

A Milestone in Brand Credibility

The brand boasts an impressive average product rating of 4.43. “It’s a strong testament to the quality of our products, substantially bolstering our brand credibility,” says Maria. In the past month alone, they’ve had a response rate of 58% for ratings and 11% for reviews.

Tailored Design to Enhance Customer Experience

The positive feedback collected is often featured in the brand’s marketing initiatives, especially on social media. Lipscore’s widgets are customized to align with the brand’s aesthetic, complete with black stars and featured customer quotes. “We’ve strategically placed these elements high on the product page to catch immediate attention. We couldn’t be happier with the design!”

More Stars. Real Reviews.

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