Reducing Returns with Quality Product Descriptions, Images, and Buyer Feedback

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: March 7, 2023

Returns can be quite a headache for e-tailers due to the associated costs. “Much of it boils down to managing pre-purchase expectations,” observes Jonny Hansen, COO at Lipscore.

The Double-Edged Sword of Returns: Economic and Environmental Concerns

With the rise of e-commerce, we see increased shipping, packaging, and of course, returns. These returns are not just financially draining for businesses but also raise environmental concerns. Recognizing this, there’s a growing emphasis on sustainability. Many online sellers are thus striving to cut down on unnecessary shipping and make their return processes more efficient.

Online purchases are returned about three times more than in-store purchases. “It’s understandable,” says Jonny. “In stores, shoppers can touch, see, and ask about the products. Online, it’s crucial to provide detailed information to help them make informed choices.”

Matching Buyer Expectations is the Key

It’s all about ensuring that the product matches what customers expect. When they receive what they anticipated, they’re less likely to return it. “Quality product descriptions and images are standard among e-tailers. Add genuine reviews that align with the product details, and you’re setting a high bar,” Jonny suggests.

Tools like Lipscore are invaluable here. “The actual product rating isn’t the main issue,” Jonny continues. “If a buyer picks a low-rated product but is aware of its rating beforehand, their expectations are already calibrated.”

The Importance of Detailed Product Reviews

For many items, especially in industries like fashion, detailed reviews can make all the difference. Beyond just an overall rating, reviews that delve into specifics like size, fit, and material quality are beneficial. Such feedback helps potential buyers make better decisions, reducing the chance of returns. “It empowers shoppers to pick the right size or fit, leading to a satisfactory purchase,” Jonny notes.

Lipscore’s “Product Attributes” feature enables customers to rate various product aspects. It’s especially popular among retailers selling apparel and footwear. “With transparent product descriptions and detailed reviews, e-tailers are doing their utmost to minimize returns,” says Jonny.

Openness Reduces Return Rates

An increasing number of Lipscore users opt for the Product Attributes feature, aiming to provide comprehensive product information. “While some ordering errors are bound to happen, they’re the exception,” Jonny remarks. “Overall, transparency and clarity drastically cut down returns.”

Reduced return rates benefit everyone. Customers are happier, businesses deal with less administrative hassle, there’s reduced back-and-forth shipping, and the environment benefits too. Plus, the savings are significant. Yet, alongside enhancing product information, e-tailers also need to refine their return processes to minimize associated costs.

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