Enhancing Customer Engagement and Retention at Bigvits

Customer engagement and retention are among the biggest challenges for businesses. With so much emphasis placed on growth it’s often difficult to invest the same level of time and effort into the customers already through the door but Bigvits wanted to ensure that they dedicated as much resource as possible into retention and engagement of existing customers as new business.

How did they do it? They looked to two highly creative and effective agencies in Lipscore and Sweet Analytics to deliver their expertise.

The Challenge

Bigvits, a family-owned business based in the UK, specialise in delivering premium US vitamins and supplements. They realised that, while their growth statistics were impressive, they still faced several challenges. 

Firstly, they struggled with accurately monitoring and measuring sales data and customer behaviour. The process of gathering data from various different sources was time-consuming and the team spent significant effort collating and analysing it all. 

Second, they sought to enhance customer retention by tracking key metrics but lacked confidence in the available data. 

Furthermore, they wanted to improve customer segmentation to deliver personalised experiences for their customers to improve relevance and engagement, ensuring that they were treating their existing customers with the same TLC as prospects and giving them tailored content in a format and location that works for them.

Customer reviews are important to Bigvits’ growth strategy, and they were keen to add product reviews to their website to help customers choose the right products. Although they had used Trustpilot to gather reviews for a number of years and were happy with the service, the response rate was quite low. 

The Solution 

This prompted them to seek a more effective solution, which they found through two providers, both experts in their fields: Sweet Analytics and Lipscore.

Sweet Analytics, customer data platform seamlessly connected with all Bigvits marketing channels, website, and social platforms, ensuring all customer data was in one place and the team had a single view of the customer. 

Jane Brennand, Head of Marketing at Bigvits, said “From the first demo we were immediately sold on the benefits of Sweet Analytics, and how accurate the data is as it comes directly from our CMS platform.” 

“We can now see at a glance all of the metrics that are important to us including customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, and sales data separated by new and existing customers. We can also create and export customer segments to help us better target customers with information that is relevant and useful to them.” 

Lipscore boosts your ecommerce website with authentic customer feedback and product reviews. This enhances trust and conversion rates, providing valuable data for better purchasing, pricing decisions and enriched product descriptions. The benefits include high response rates, cost-effective pricing, reliable data volumes, genuine reviews and feedback from real customers, and personalised customer care to name just a few.

Jane went on to add that “We were impressed by the quick and easy review process Lipscore offered, which we thought our customers would appreciate. Lipscore seamlessly integrated product reviews onto all of our D2C websites, and we are already seeing a much better response rate which shows the new review process works better for our customers. We have since also introduced service reviews as we are keen to keep monitoring and improving our service at the same time.” 

The Results

Through Sweet Analytics Bigvits is now able to test and measure customer retention strategies more effectively. They can easily see a huge increase in the numbers of returning customers and keep an eye on performance going forwards with clear, concise data.

With real reviews from Lipscore their customers are able to quickly leave product and service reviews providing Bigvits with essential feedback and future customers with the all-important social proof needed to make a decision. They can access reviews for most products which helps them with their buying decisions and the feedback has also delivered SEO benefits for the websites by aiding organic visibility and traffic to the site.

More Stars. Real Reviews.

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