Empowering Mobility with Insightful Reviews at Neo Walk

In a world where mobility is often taken for granted, Neo Walk emerges as a beacon of empowerment and style for those navigating mobility challenges. Through creatively designed walking sticks and a commitment to customer-centricity, the brand not only elevates the functional to the fashionable but also underscores the poignant stories and feedback of its clientele. With a recent partnership with Lipscore, Neo Walk introduces a structured platform for these vital customer narratives, enhancing both the brand and the buyer’s journey with transparent, transformative experiences.

A Colorful Journey towards Enhanced Mobility

For more than 13 years, Lyndsay Watterson and her team have created individually designed, colorful acrylic walking sticks, helping people with mobility issues move with style and confidence.

Lyndsay, who is also Chief Designer at Neo Walk, has seen first-hand the positive emotional effect Neo Walk’s sticks have on her customers and their way of life. She also now counts celebrities, including actors Selma Blair and Christina Applegate, among her clients.

With Lipscore’s product review platform, Neo Walk can proudly display its increasing number of customer reviews and ratings that shout about the ins and outs of each fashionable design, as well as the many practical benefits. This means the choices of future and returning Neo Walk customers when it comes to mobility stick preference and suitability are informed, as well as being based on authentic reviews and real-life experience.

Customers Were Missing Out on First-Hand Experience

Lyndsay said, “The product that we sell and the effect it has on people means that they want to leave a review. They want to tell more people about our sticks because using our aids has had such a transformative impact on their own lives.”

However, before teaming up with Lipscore, Neo Walk had no review platform to showcase its reviews. This meant there was limited information for new customers, or even returning customers looking for a new walking stick design, to understand past customer experiences to help inform their purchasing decision.

Lyndsay added, “We relied on people leaving reviews on the website that we could publish and then start conversations from there. Having no official review platform worked against us and wasn’t very efficient. In fact, we were becoming more of an established brand, but we didn’t have the customer reviews available to support our further growth.”

An Incredible Start

In just two months, Neo Walk has 328 ratings and 160 reviews across its product range. This translates to 89.7% of its online range now having visible customer ratings, and 82.3% of its products having online verbatim reviews. It also boasts a 74.5% response rate to its requests for customers to leave feedback. Great news for the customers it now serves in over 20 countries.

Lyndsay admitted that she was absolutely blown away by the number of people taking the time to leave feedback. She says, “It speaks to the positive collaboration Neo Walk and Lipscore have enjoyed, even during their short time working together.”

An Integral Part of the Purchasing Journey

At Lipscore, we know that consumers place a high level of confidence in the opinions of their fellow consumers. This couldn’t be truer for Neo Walk. Having product reviews in place goes far beyond simply offering an informed and personalized customer experience. Neo Walk products are so empowering; being able to read about these experiences first-hand by those considering a purchase really is a powerful marketing tool.

Product Reviews with Two Stars Are Just As Important

Neo Walk is committed to replying to every customer who leaves a review – good or bad. With Lipscore’s review platform, Neo Walk has the opportunity to engage with and improve customer experience for all, even those who leave low-starred reviews.

Lyndsay said, “When you take the time to speak to people who have left a two-star rating to try to understand their experience, they sometimes say, ‘Oh sorry, I hit the wrong button’ and then we can work together to fix it. The work we have put in with Lipscore to understand our customers and their experiences is really paying off. We’re learning so much and really enjoying that added-value engagement with our customers.”

A Bigger, Better, and More Genuine Review Experience

When Lipscore first got in touch with Neo Walk, the thing that struck Lyndsay the most was the fact that the Lipscore review platform only allows people who have actually purchased products from a website to leave reviews. Having been the victim of insincere Trustpilot reviews in the past, left by people who had never been near the Neo Walk website, this reassurance gave Lyndsay the peace of mind that her team would be engaging with genuine customers. More importantly, anyone browsing reviews and ratings would be learning from bona fide Neo Walk customers, and no one else.

Lyndsay and her team use reviews on their social media channels to inspire and educate people that mobility aids like walking sticks don’t have to be boring or old-fashioned. Neo Walk’s customer reviews offer proof that walking aids can be stylish, fashionable, and fun.

The Power of Reviews in Helping Long-Term Conversion

By its very nature, the Neo Walk community is incredibly talkative and supportive, helped by the brand’s active engagement with users and advocates on social media.

Lyndsay is optimistic that its product reviews will support long-term conversion and has high hopes for “the little stars,” as she calls them. She said, “We know our reviews will convert people into sales. Our community is very chatty, so they naturally recommend products and services in their ongoing conversations. Having the Lipscore product review platform is a natural fit for us and helps organize feedback from our wonderful customers in an easy-to-consume format. Our work with Lipscore is helping us build confidence in our brand with customers new and old.”

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