Leveraging Customer Reviews to Build a Data-Driven Retail Strategy in Scandinavia

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: June 28, 2022

Author: Ole Martin, Angel Investor and Co-owner of Lipscore

The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and Scandinavian retail chains are no exception. While the focus on customer-orientation remains high, many retailers lack effective tools for measuring their performance. So how can you implement a customer-centric, data-driven business strategy without breaking the bank? The answer lies in the power of customer reviews.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Critical for Retail Success

Before diving into the mechanics, let’s examine the pillars of retail success:

  • Satisfied Customers
  • Quality Products at Competitive Prices
  • Skilled Staff and Welcoming Stores
  • Seamless Online Shopping Experience

While these points may seem obvious, measuring them effectively can be a challenge.

Traditional vs. Data-Driven Customer Feedback

Retail chains often rely on methods like mystery shopping, market research, store visits, and web analytics to gauge their performance. While these methods have their merits, they can be time-consuming, expensive, and offer limited actionable insights.

The Power of Systematic Customer Reviews

An alternative is to collect customer reviews systematically. After a purchase—be it online or in-store—send an email or SMS to your customer, asking them to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5. Follow this up with an open-text field to gather more nuanced feedback. Focus on three main types of reviews:

  1. Store or online shopping experience
  2. Product quality
  3. Overall service experience

Benefits of Customer Reviews for Retail Chains

Customer Perspective

  1. Online Stores: Reviews offer valuable qualitative and quantitative data about products, adding a layer of trust and helping customers make informed decisions.
  2. Physical Stores: Displaying product reviews on electronic shelf labels or posters complements the knowledge offered by sales staff.
  3. Customer Service: Employee dashboards can display product and service reviews, helping them adapt the level of service based on real-time customer feedback.

Organizational Benefits

  1. Store Employees: Access to customer feedback helps staff stay updated on product quality and overall service levels.
  2. Regional Leaders: Aggregated data allows for regional performance comparison, helping identify underperforming stores and staff.
  3. Category Manager: Product reviews assist in negotiations with suppliers, affecting purchasing conditions and product ranges.
  4. Logistics Manager: Reviews can predict product returns and help gauge the performance of delivery partners.
  5. Marketing and Brand Manager: Reviews offer measurable insights into product and service quality, also serving as valuable content for marketing channels.
  6. Customer Service Manager: Quick, smart review collection can identify service levels and potential improvements in real-time.
  7. Online Store Manager: Product reviews boost SEO, increase site traffic, and improve the online shopping experience.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead for Data-Driven Retail in Scandinavia

Managing a diverse retail chain calls for efficient, actionable management tools. Customer reviews offer such a tool, one that costs little but provides immense value. Amazon has capitalized on this for years; it’s time for Scandinavian retail chains to follow suit.

By effectively leveraging customer feedback, not only do you enhance the customer experience, but you also equip your management and board with actionable insights to steer the company towards a successful, data-driven future.

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