The Body Shop Norway: Amplifying Customer Engagement through Customer Feedback

In today’s competitive market, exceptional customer engagement coupled with a commitment to sustainable practices and activism can fuel significant success. The Body Shop Norway‘s experience serves as a powerful testament to this approach.

Establishing a Global Presence

Established in 1976, The Body Shop has since expanded its global reach, with Norway emerging as a key market for over three decades. Operating 37 physical stores and a steadily growing online store, which contributes to around 15% of the total revenue, The Body Shop Norway began its collaboration with Lipscore in 2018 to collect customer ratings and reviews, explains Sondre Huseby Øren from The Body Shop. The objective was to amplify customer engagement and foster deeper trust.

Implementing Lipscore’s Customer Review Tool

The Body Shop Norway has adeptly employed Lipscore’s customer review tool, achieving a substantial increase in response rate and fostering heightened customer engagement and trust. “Thanks to Lipscore’s customer success team, we’ve tripled our response rate! We started below 10%, but now it’s surged to a remarkable 32%,” shares Sondre. This significant boost was made possible by implementing a new, revamped approach to post-purchase emails.

Revamping Post-Purchase Email Approach

The dramatic uptick in response rate was achieved by overhauling their post-purchase email strategy. Instead of directly querying the customer’s product satisfaction, The Body Shop Norway implemented a new approach: two weeks after purchase, customers receive an email inquiring if their products have arrived. An easy-to-use pop-up allows customers to respond with a simple “yes” or “no.” Positive responses are guided to a pop-up where they can rate and review products. In case of a negative response, customers are directed to customer service to address potential order issues. Sondre underscores the impact of this adjustment, stating, “This change has made a tremendous difference.”

Acknowledging Lipscore’s Proactive Role

Much of this improvement can be credited to Lipscore’s proactive contribution, explains Sondre, adding, “Though a 10% response rate is decent in our industry, Lipscore saw potential for greater growth. Their customer success team proposed this change, which resulted in a remarkable 32% response rate.” To ensure continuous growth, The Body Shop Norway has established quarterly meetings with the Customer Success team to pinpoint further areas for optimization, promising even better outcomes.

Expanding Customer Engagement and Ratings

The Body Shop Norway now has product ratings on 76% and reviews on 54% of their offerings, largely due to the high response rate. Sondre highlights the synergy of these elements, asserting that a higher proportion of products with ratings leads to an increased potential for sales. Ratings provide reassurance to prospective customers, influencing their purchasing decisions significantly.

Seamless Integration of Lipscore’s Widgets

The Body Shop Norway uses Lipscore’s widgets in a way that blends well with its brand, including its signature green color. The widgets are made to match the look of the online store, and they highlight customer feedback and the average star ratings. This means that every time a customer visits a product page, they see up-to-date content. Additionally, features like the Real Reviews Logo and Verified Buyer badges are used, which help build trust with customers.

Feedback as a Tool for Improvement

Sondre praises Lipscore’s intuitive interface, engaging with customer feedback daily. “Notifications for negative ratings and reviews allow us to take immediate action to address customer concerns, often turning a negative experience into a positive one. Besides enhancing customer satisfaction, The Body Shop uses feedback for internal improvements. Reviews are forwarded to The Body Shop International for future product enhancements, demonstrating a commitment to customer-driven growth.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Social Activism

An activist brand, The Body Shop targets 100% vegan products. Sondre mentions its contributions to ending animal testing in the UK and EU. In Norway, The Body Shop collaborates with organizations like VO line, supporting victims of violence and abuse. “For every Shea hand cream sold, we donate NOK 50 to VO line,” says Sondre. The Body Shop Norway also aims for B Corp certification in 2023, marking its commitment to social and environmental impact.

Shaping the Future through Engagement, Sustainability, and Activism

The Body Shop Norway’s continued success story represents the powerful synergy of customer engagement, sustainability, and social activism. Through this progressive approach, it has not only heightened its market presence but also enriched its brand value, setting an inspiring example for businesses worldwide.

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