The Power of Peer Reviews in Boosting Book Sales at Ark

Ark, Norway’s largest bookstore chain, understands the value of peer reviews when it comes to boosting sales and customer conversion rates. With the assistance of Lipscore, Ark has amassed a remarkable 52,000 ratings and 17,300 reviews since 2020. Displaying these genuine customer reviews on their product pages has had a notably positive impact on sales.

Prioritizing Customer Engagement

Ark operates 154 brick-and-mortar stores across Norway, along with an online store and a dedicated reading app for e-books. “Being accessible to the customers is essential,” says Leif Terje Bjerke, Ark’s Product Owner of Digital Commerce. Ark’s extensive product range includes not only books but also games, office supplies, and toys.

Reviews as Authentic Sales Drivers

“Customer reviews have become more influential than professional book reviews,” notes Leif Terje. “Seeing 30-40 customers rate a book positively has a profound influence on prospective buyers.” Each product review on Ark’s website is tied to a verified purchase, adding an extra layer of authenticity.

A Transparent Review System

Ark maintains a transparent approach when it comes to publishing reviews. “We don’t censor. All reviews are published unless they contain inappropriate content,” explains Leif Terje. Thanks to Lipscore’s backend features, flagged content is reviewed before going live, ensuring that all feedback is appropriate and genuine.

Responding to Customer Feedback

Customer opinions on books can be highly subjective, but for other product types like toys, Ark uses customer reviews to provide responsive customer service. “We take all feedback seriously, and the majority of the reviews we receive are overwhelmingly positive,” states Leif Terje.

User-Friendly Dashboard with Lipscore

Lipscore’s user-friendly dashboard and exceptional customer service have made it an invaluable partner for Ark. “The dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate, allowing us to actively respond to daily customer feedback,” says Leif Terje.

Tailoring Email Invitations for Reviews

Ark places significant emphasis on how they invite customers to leave reviews, particularly for frequent shoppers. Through Lipscore, Ark has the option to manage email invitations directly or via an integration, giving them the flexibility to adjust the frequency and timing of these invitations based on the product and customer type.

The Importance of Transparency

Ark has witnessed an uptick in sales and customer conversion since incorporating customer reviews into their marketing strategy. “If a book has 30-40 five-star reviews, it significantly boosts its chances of being purchased,” claims Leif Terje. Ark stands by the importance of showcasing both positive and negative reviews, as transparency is key to building customer trust.

Overall Satisfaction with Lipscore

“The customer service and ease of use are outstanding, and any issues we have are resolved swiftly. We’re extremely satisfied with the service and support from the Lipscore team,” concludes Leif Terje.

With a strong focus on customer feedback and an effective partnership with Lipscore, Ark continues to solidify its position as Norway’s leading bookstore chain, one review at a time.

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