Maksimer ranks among the strongest full-service e-commerce agencies in the Nordic region and is a certified partner for both WooCommerce and Litium Commerce Cloud.

Lipscore provides native apps for both WooCommerce and Litium, ensuring a quick and effortless integration. If you’re a Maksimer customer, the agency can assist you in seamlessly integrating Lipscore into your online store.


Maksimer, a full-service e-Commerce agency, and Lipscore has several mutual clients including Lillelam, Enklereliv, Platou Sport, and more. With Lipscore, these clients have achieved a 2 to 4 times increase in ratings and authentic reviews! Browse our selected references and read about their experiences below.

Pelias Skadedyrkontroll

At Pelias Norsk Skadedyrkontroll AS, one of Norway`s leading pest control companies, they understand that sometimes the best defense is a good offense. That`s why they launched – your [...]
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In the ever-illuminated world of online retail, stands out in lighting solutions for Norwegian homes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their partnership with Lipscore, showcasing an average [...]
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