Pelias Skadedyrkontroll

At Pelias Norsk Skadedyrkontroll AS, one of Norway`s leading pest control companies, they understand that sometimes the best defense is a good offense. That`s why they launched – your go-to for DIY pest control solutions, designed for those who prefer to tackle pest problems on their own terms.

Since going live with Lipscore in early 2022, your partner in pest control has embraced both product and service reviews to better serve and understand your needs. Their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is reflected in the genuine feedback they’ve received, helping them fine-tune their offerings to ensure they`re providing exactly what you need when you need it.

With Pelias Norsk Skadedyrkontroll and by your side, choosing the best approach to pest control has never been easier. Join the journey towards a pest-free life, empowered by the feedback solutions provided through Lipscore. Together, we’re not just fighting pests—we’re creating safer, happier homes.

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