Magento (now known as Adobe Commerce) is one of the world’s leading platforms for online stores. With native apps for Magento, Lipscore can be integrated quickly and easily.


Type of integration: App developed by Lipscore 

Who can do the integration: Your in-house developers, third party developers or Lipscore (requires admin access to your systems).  

Estimated time for integration: Lipscore: c. 5 hours, up to 5 working days from the moment admin access is granted to our developer. It may take less but also more time if challenges occur in the process. 

Estimated cost for integration: Lipscore: 1390 NOK per hour x 5h = 6950 NOK


Join 50+ Magento online stores—such as The Body Shop, Sportsmaster, Europris, GaitLine, Apotera, and many more—in getting 2 to 4 times more ratings and authentic reviews with Lipscore!

See selected references and read about their experiences with Lipscore below.

Extra Leker

“Lipscore is the best platform for obtaining reviews and ratings, and it also has a fantastic team to work with!” states Daniel Lilleskog, Marketing Manager of Extra Leker. Extra Leker, [...]
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The Body Shop Norway: Amplifying Customer Engagement through Customer Feedback

Discover how The Body Shop achieved a 32% response rate and leveraged customer feedback for growth, all while committing to sustainability and social activism
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