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Type of integration: App developed by Lipscore 

Who can do the integration: Your in-house developers, third party developers or Lipscore (requires admin access to your systems).  

Estimated time for integration: Lipscore: c. 3-5 hours, up to 5 working days from the moment admin access is granted to our developer. Other developers: 5-8 hours.

References: 50+ Magento online stores use Lipscore to gather ratings and reviews. See selected references and read about their experience with Lipscore below.

Lipscore onboarding process:   

Step 1. First email from Lipscore onboarding team 

  • Standard SLA: Integration instructions in the email 
  • Standard SLA if Lipscore does integration, Premium, Premium Plus SLA: Onboarding meeting (c. 25 min) 

Step 2. Integration  

Step 3. Testing of integration – once completed, you make a test purchase to see if an invitation is correctly scheduled in the Lipscore account while Lipscore onboarding team tests the reviewing process and widgets. 

Step 4. Account setup & training 

  • Standard SLA: Account setup and training via Knowledge base articles 
  • Premium and Premium Plus SLA: Training meeting (c. 50 min) 

Step 5. Go-live 

Can reviews from previous provider be imported? 

It is possible to import your past reviews to Lipscore, however, a very specific file and data structure is required for the import not to fail. Here is the template with explanation for the required datapoints. 



Here is what the developer will need to complete the integration between Magento and Lipscore: 

  • Active Lipscore account  
  • Admin access to your Magento system and server 
  • Website(s): URL of the website where integration is supposed to be implemented 
  • API key and Secret API key (available in the Lipscore account) 
  • Information from the customer on which widgets should be implemented and where 
  • Order status to trigger the transfer of order data to Lipscore: recommended: Order Complete / Fulfilled / Sent / Shipped, etc. 

If you cannot find information you need, please reach out to support@lipscore.com


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