Litium is a cloud-based e-commerce platform engineered to propel both B2B and B2C businesses forward by accelerating product sales, enabling rapid scaling, facilitating entry into new markets, and crafting market-leading customer experiences. The platform features a variety of world-class add-ons, among which is Lipscore Ratings & Reviews. Lipscore integrates seamlessly with Litium, allowing you to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales—all within a single platform.


Type of integration: App developed by Columbus Global, available in the Litium App store. Note: This addon is created and verified with the Litium 7.6.2 Accelerator. Should you like to use it with other Litium 7 versions or newer, please consult Litium.

Who can do the integration: Columbus Global, Motillo or your in-house / other 3rd party developers. 

Estimated time and cost of integration: Please consult your Integration partner for an estimate. 


Litium, the cloud-based e-Commerce platform, experinces that a growing number of online stores utilizing the Litium platform are choosing to augment their e-commerce solutions with Lipscore Ratings & Reviews. Explore our curated list of references and read about their successful experiences with Lipscore below.

Golvvärmebutiken Ab

Golvvärmebutiken leverages Lipscore to collect both Service and Product reviews, achieving a response rate that outpaces our average. The result? A storefront that’s quickly filling up with star-studded reviews. These [...]
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Ahoy is an online store that sells all kinds of boat equipment. They have been gathering ratings and reviews with Lipscore since the company was established and the online store launched [...]
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