Makeup Mekka.

“Many people fake reviews these days, so it’s important for us to show that our reviews come from real customers. And that we have a third-party system verifying our reviews,” says Berit Sjøvik, CIO at Makeup Mekka.

Lipscore’s built-in functionality ensures that all reviews come from genuine customers. And that they are written in the buyer’s own words without changes.

Makeup Mekka uses the feedback (gathered with Lipscore) in several ways. In product development to see if a product needs to be updated. But also, to evaluate whether a product should be kept in the assortment or not.

“A product can sell a lot, but if many people are dissatisfied with it, we need to think about whether it should be removed,” explains Berit.

In addition, customer feedback is used in marketing. Makeup Mekka feels that young consumers prefer to get advice from other users. Who uses the makeup.

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