Gilda Lijeblad

“Very satisfied with our use of Lipscore Reviews. With reviews of our skincare products, we gain greater credibility that they actually work and provide a noticeable result on the skin.” – Gilda Liljeblad, Founder and owner, Gilda Liljeblad Skincare and International Gilda Beauty School.

How do authentic reviews drive success in the skincare industry? Gilda Liljeblad, a pioneering skincare brand from Sweden, has the answer!

Leveraging the power of customer trust through authentic reviews and automated outreach is vital for their business growth, and Lipscore is thrilled to be a part of their journey.

Maria Lundin, Marketing Manager at Gilda Liljeblad, adds: “Since customers can’t test the products beforehand to see results, it’s crucial for us to enable them to read others’ opinions. That’s a key reason we utilize Lipscore.”

With an impressive average product rating of 4.43, they’ve achieved a milestone in brand credibility, powered by Lipscore’s streamlined review collection process.

Want to learn more about how Gilda Liljeblad capitalizes on customer reviews for skincare success?

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