Since 2018, GaitLine has been actively collecting customer feedback on their shoes with Lipscore, and they’ve achieved close to 100% coverage for both ratings and reviews. Now that’s impressive!

With a response rate exceeding our average, there’s no doubt that GaitLine’s customers are deeply engaged with their brand. This invaluable customer feedback provides GaitLine with a wealth of data to fuel their ongoing product development. And for a brand dedicated to creating unique shoes based on the GAITLINE’s SGL™ technology, this data is priceless.

But GaitLine doesn’t stop there. They actively integrate customer feedback into their marketing campaigns, harnessing the power of brand ambassadors who love their unique footwear. It’s a smart strategy that fosters loyalty and amplifies their brand’s uniqueness.

Renowned for creating “the world’s most comfortable walking shoes,” GaitLine combines comfort with cool, stylish designs. Their footwear isn’t just a purchase; it’s an experience that keeps customers returning, year after year, falling deeper in love with their products.

A big shoutout to GaitLine for being a stellar example of how leveraging Lipscore can boost customer engagement and transform the walking experience. Here’s to your continued success and innovation!

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