We love how GaitLine use product reviews in their newsletters: «Best winter shoes I’ve had – recommended! » And when opening the newsletter, in addition to the selling product description, you can read what some of GaitLines’ customers are saying about these shoes. In their own words, based on their personal and subjective experience.

“Fantastic hiking boots for winters! Smooth leather that holds up nicely and can be wiped off easily. And I can stand and walk all day without my back getting tired.” »”  Ingeborg.

GaitLine sell their unique shoes to the European and US market. By using our Automatic Translation Module GaitLine gets more ratings & reviews as they are shared across all markets.

All reviews are automatically translated and displayed in all target languages the webshop supports. This means more ratings & reviews. Increased trust. Which boost sale!

E-commerce solution: Adobe Commerce (Magento) / Integration partner: twoday

More Stars.
Real Reviews.

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