Wants to be product experts — product reviews are an important part of their strategy.

The Sandefjord based online store Mimmis.no is growing quickly. Customer insight is one of their most important success factors.

Mimmis use Lipscore to gather ratings and reviews

35% increased revenue

The market for toys and kids clothes is characterized by tough competition, but that doesn’t stop the entrepreneurs and couple Ole Johan and Marita W. Bredland.

In 2020 their online store Mimmis.no increased its revenue by 35% more than the previous year. The total sale was just over NOK 65 million, with a profit of almost NOK 3.5 million.

Mimmis.no was also awarded the best online store in Kids & Baby category in 2020.

Ole Johan W. Bredland is clear about what’s the secret behind success.

«The most important is that we go the extra mile, are personal and pour our soul into it. We care a lot about enhancing the customer experience and want to deliver more than expected. For example, when we have to deliver the package tomorrow, we’d prefer to deliver it today.»

We want to be product experts

Bredland also stresses that having the right product range is another important part of success. In addition to global brands like Ergobaby and Philips Avent, Mimmis.no also stock a range of local producers of clothes and equipment for children, like BeSafe, Gullkorn and Sagababy.

«We want to be product experts, meaning that we have to dare to stock new products and brands before they become bestsellers. The most important is that the products hold quick quality and fit our customer base.»

With a close relationship with their customers, and a desire to be the best product expert in their industry, Mimmis.no also invests heavily in product reviews. With Lipscore, they have gained a lot of knowledge about what customers think about their products.

«It’s important to listen to your customers if you want to grow. Negative feedback is especially important. We might discontinue products based on the feedback we get, but usually, it’s enough to edit product descriptions or pictures to make sure the information matches the reality.»

In addition to gathering customers’ experience with their products, Mimmis.no also measures overall customer satisfaction. It’s currently at 4.4 of 5, something Bredland is quite pleased with.

«We consider ourselves a small online store, and care for every customer, every single day. The fact that our customers’ value this makes me proud and grateful for our customers, and our employees and suppliers».

Same-day delivery

Improving logistics is another thing that’s important for the entrepreneur.

«We’re currently working a lot with same-day delivery. We already offer it in many places in Norway, but we want to become even better. The challenge is that we sell products that are demanding in terms of logistics, such as strollers and car seats for kids.»

The online store itself will most likely get a visual upgrade. They have developed their own solution, based on nopCommerce. They use Klarna as their payment solution and Logistra for EDI. They use Lipscore to gather ratings and reviews and have developed most of their other tools themselves.

When it’s time to make visual or technical improvements, the founder of Mimmi likes to be inspired by what happens outside Norway.

«It’s fun to see someone doing something that creates a real wow factor. There’s always something to learn when chasing the perfect customer experience», says Bredland.

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