Elektroimportøren are perfecting their omnichannel concept with huge amounts of customer data.

Few other brands grow faster than Elektroimportøren, thanks to their ambitious omnichannel strategy.

Elektroimportøren use Lipscore to gather ratings and reviews

Market leader in Norway

Elektroimportøren has become the leader in the Norwegian market for electrical equipment, heating and lighting. A big part of their success is because of their successful omnichannel strategy.

«We have a big focus on user experience, and wants to take the customer journey seriously», says Erik Hegerlund, eCommerce Manager at Elektroimportøren.

Their website is an important part of their strategy

«During the last couple of years, we’ve worked a lot with understanding and improving the customer journey. We have improved website loading speed, redesigned the check-out process and changed the search engine. In addition, we have improved delivery times and simplified in-store delivery of goods».

Focusing on high-quality content in the online store

Focusing on high-quality content in the online store Erik Hegerlund and his colleagues have also put a lot of energy into providing customers good product information, as one would expect this from an expert such as Elektroimportøren.

«We’re a specialist that sells complex products. That’s why we invest a lot in inspiration and useful content. Therefore, we spend a lot of resources on product videos, guides, documentation, high-resolution images, and content pages.»

Elektroimportøren also uses Lipscore to collect product reviews from customers

«Previously, we used a solution that we developed ourselves. With our new solution from Lipscore, we get way more product reviews and have improved the website speed too», says Hegerlund.

Active use of product reviews

With Lipscore, they got a better overview of which products have the desired quality level and which products should be discontinued.

«Now we have a complete overview of how satisfied customers are with our products. The vast majority of product reviews are positive. However, when someone is dissatisfied, we take this further with our category department and suppliers».

In addition to measuring the product quality, Elektroimportøren also uses Lipscore to track the overall customer satisfaction.

«When a customer shops online, we track how satisfied the customer is with the shopping experience. Should there be problems with shipping, we can take action with our shipping suppliers.»

They use the same tools to track shopping experience in their physical stores.

«Should a customer rate one of our stores with less than three stars, we automatically send an email from our CEO. They are encouraged to call or email our CEO and share their experience. We are passionate about customer service and want to be transparent and include the entire organization», says Hegerlund

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Elektroimportøren experienced that many of their customers kept asking the same types of product-related questions. So they started to use the FAQ solution in Lipscore to make it easier for both them and their customers.

«We often get the same questions in different channels. So, to improve our customer service and answer their product questions faster, we started using the FAQ module in Lipscore. It enables our customers to ask questions on the different product pages. Then other customers can see what we already have answered», says Hegerlund.

To secure a quick response time, they integrated the module with their customer service solution from the company ITX. Incoming product and store reviews are also visible in ITX. This means that customer service only has to deal with one solution.

«Our customer service solution is fully integrated and gathers all contact points with the customer, including social media, website forms, product reviews, chat, email and phone. It gives us a seamless and comprehensive contact centre solution to the delight of employees and customers», says Hegerlund.

Their system is also integrated with other external solutions, enabling customer service to track shipments and find old invoices. In addition, they can view status and order history in the same interface.

«We now have a simplified, time-saving and seamless customer centre platform that increases efficiency, which means better customer service», says Hegerlund.

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