Real Reviews

We at Lipscore specialize in collecting user reviews for chains and online stores.

Lipscore has always been a driving force for real reviews. We believe that honest feedback contributes to better customer experiences, better companies and better employees, regardless of whether the user reviews are positive or negative.

Therefore, we have created this document, where we want to be completely transparent and describe in detail how our system works and how we work with our customers. This document is in addition to terms and conditions which all our customers must accept in order to use Lipscore.

Who is Lipscore?

Lipscore is a Norwegian company headquartered in Oslo. Lipscore has for many years developed a tool for collecting and publishing user reviews. The solution is used by large and small online stores and chains around the world. Most people use our tool to gather insight about products, but Lipscore can also be used to gather insight about an overall shopping experience (eg a purchase in a physical store or in an online store).

This is how Lipscore works

Each individual user of Lipscore has their unique layout, but roughly speaking, our solution works like this:

  • Normally, the customer receives an email about 14 days after a purchase in an online store or physical store. The customer can directly in the email press 1-5 stars (normally referred to as “ratings”).
  • When you press the stars, this is published on the website. This is published without a name (but the seller knows the name of the customer).
  • The customer is then sent to the online store. There, the customer gets the opportunity to write a supplementary comment (normally referred to as “reviews”). This is voluntary. This two-part collection explains why all Lipscore users have more ratings than reviews.
  • Customers who choose to write a review publish their user reviews with their full name (eg “Kari Nordmann”) if the customer does not choose to change to first name plus the first letter of last name (eg “Kari N.”).
  • Names that are published together with the user review are taken directly from the online store’s order system and are the same name that the customer used when the item was purchased.
  • As part of Lipscore’s work against fake user reviews, we have introduced a small badge called “Verified buyer”. The badge appears next to all user reviews collected after a purchase. This shows that Lipscore can guarantee the authenticity of the customer.

Unverified user reviews

Some users of Lipscore allow their customers to log in via, for example, Facebook to write a user review. This is something we normally advise against as it is possible to create fake profiles in social media, but logging in via social media may be appropriate in some cases (for example for companies who ask customers to write user reviews of articles on their blog).

By allowing login via social media, Lipscore can not guarantee the authenticity of the user reviews and therefore our badge “Verified buyer” is not displayed.

Companies that use login via social media collect on average about 2 percent of their user reviews in this way.

Completely anonymous user reviews can not be submitted via Lipscore’s tool, as we believe this impairs the quality and credibility of the collected user reviews.

Scams, spam and fake user reviews

As a general rule, fraud, spam and fake user reviews will not occur if a chain or online store uses Lipscore, as we only allow contributions from verified buyers.

In cases where there is a deviation from this, it is normal when the online store or chain has opened up for login via social media (read more about this in the section “Unverified user reviews”) or imported user reviews from a previous system with less strict guidelines than Lipscore.

User reviews from own employees and partners

Our recommendation is that employees, suppliers and other partners, should not contribute with user reviews – regardless of whether they have shopped and no matter how honest the person is in their feedback, as this impairs the credibility of the user reviews. It also makes the dataset less representative and also destroys the possibilities for internal analyzes.

If internal user reviews are allowed, these should not be confused with user reviews from regular customers. These internal reviews should therefore be marked very clearly. Lipscore does not support such collection of reviews.

Deletion, filtering and modification of negative user reviews

Chains and online stores that want to use Lipscore must follow our terms and conditions. It states that it is not allowed to moderate or delete user reviews.

But the online store / chain can inform the end buyer that content can not be published in its current form and ask for an update. This may, for example, be inappropriate language.

In user reviews, the focus should be on the product’s quality and utility value. Delays in delivery, inadequate customer service, etc. are not normally considered relevant in this context. In cases where user reviews contain such information, the seller can either ask the sender to change their feedback, or redefine the user review to a so-called “service review” (provided service reviews are enabled), where the focus is on delivery time, customer service, general price level, etc. Then the user review will no longer be displayed on the product page, but appear as a service review on the website.

User reviews are normally published immediately, but in Lipscore’s system it is possible to enter a few days delay. The aim of this is to give the seller the opportunity to read through the user reviews before publishing and possibly stop inappropriate content.

It is also not allowed to use filters, weighting or similar solutions to tone down or hide negative user reviews.

Storage of customer data

Lipscore is a Norwegian company with Norwegian owners and headquarters in Norway. We comply with privacy laws and regulations in all countries where we operate. Our data servers are currently located in Ireland and Norway. You can read more here about our privacy policy. We have very strict routines for storing customer data and follow the recommendations of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority regarding secure data storage.

Prohibition of prizes, money and other incentives

Online stores and chains that use Lipscore are not allowed to ask for positive reviews. It is also not allowed to offer money, gift cards or promotional funds (eg discounts or coupons) for a review.

When a chain or online store has received negative feedback, where the error has subsequently been corrected, the seller can encourage the customer to update or delete their user review. But no pressure should be exerted and no incentives are allowed.

Responsibility and complaint handling

Chains and online stores that use Lipscore have the editorial responsibility for their user reviews and the handling of these. Inquiries should therefore be directed to the relevant website where the user review has been published (possibly not published). If this does not work and you believe that the company does not meet the guidelines set out in this document, you can send an email to Then your inquiry will be assessed by one of our Customer Success Managers who will look into the matter.

Deletion, analysis and ownership of customer data

When we at Lipscore relate to customer data, this is processed on three “levels”.

The most important thing is that the end customer owns their own data and can at any time request access to their own customer data and request that user reviews be deleted. This is in accordance with the Personal Data Act. In the event of a request for this, the customer is asked to contact the relevant company where the user reviews are given. Lipscore naturally has full GDPR support and it is easy for our users to extract customer data and, if necessary, delete data.

Chains and online stores that use Lipscore also have ownership of data they have collected from their customers, and can export the data if they end their customer relationship with Lipscore. Such delivery shall take place in a safe and sound manner, in accordance with our data processor agreement.

Lipscore as a company has many customers in many countries and industries. The company thus possesses large amounts of customer data. This data can be used to gain valuable insight at a higher level, but data that is not covered under the Personal Data Act should never be collected and shared.