Store Reviews

Store Reviews uncovers what your customers think about the shopping experience in the different stores. A unique tool to measure customer satisfaction in each physical store, in addition to your online store.

Companies choose Lipscore because of the high response rate for Product reviews. Then they add on Service Reviews and Store Reviews to get more customer data.

Lipscore has the markets best response rate for store reviews

Why Store Reviews?

Store Reviews complement Product Reviews and Service Reviews and is an excellent tool for businesses with both physical and online stores. Take advantage of all the opportunities to gather feedback and track customer satisfaction. Customer clubs and similar tools help you collect feedback on products bought in the physical and the overall experience. Use the insight to better develop your product range, negotiate with suppliers, or benchmark the best sellers and stores.

Why is the number of feedback so important?

Get 2 to 4 times more ratings and reviews by replacing other solutions with Lipscore. More feedback gives you better and more representative data and unique insight into customer satisfaction in your stores. You’ll also find that its easier to spot and deal with unhappy customers in physical stores too.

Store reviews show how customers feel about their overall shopping experience in your stores.


Combine Store- and Service Reviews with Product Reviews for the best effect:

  • Increase your brand’s trust.
  • Better understand your customers’ shopping experience.
  • Spot and deal with unhappy customers.
  • Large and representative data set. Improve both products and the customer experience with the help of proper insight. Increased sales give higher turnover and profitability.
  • Fits both physical and digital customer experiences.
Store reviews show how customers feel about their overall shopping experience in your stores.

Unique tools

The easiest way for your customers to give feedback:

  • Just one click on a star registers the rating.
  • Optional to write a review.
  • Automatic translation of reviews.

Transparency for buyers gives product reviews increased credibility:

  • Only verified customers can give feedback.
  • Their full name is displayed as standard.
  • The purchase date is visible in the review.

We put your business needs at the centre:

  • We route customers to your website.
  • You own your ratings and reviews.
  • A user-friendly solution that requires minimal effort.


All solutions that gather product ratings and reviews offer the same basic tools. What makes Lipscore unique is the high response rate.

Get more and better data to improve the customer experience and increase your profitability. Get expert advice and a solution that will fit your needs perfectly.

Let’s help your business get more ratings and reviews!

Lipscore is the most effective platform for gathering and using ratings and reviews. We help companies become more profitable and access important customer insight, product insight, and purchasing power.

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