With the Viskan e-commerce platform, you gain access to a scalable solution that allows for frictionless growth. Lipscore is seamlessly integrated into the platform, enabling both new and existing Viskan customers to easily kick-start their ratings and reviews initiatives.


Type of integration: Drag and drop module developed by Viskan. 

Who can do the integration: You can complete the integration yourself or ask your Customer Manager at Viskan for help. 

Estimated time for integration: Depending how well you know the editor, 2-5 hours per store view / Depending on your CM’s availability. 


Viskan, a popular e-Commerce platform, integrates Lipscore seamlessly into their platform. Follow the example of Makeup Mekka, Gneis, Holebrook, Sportshopen, Swedemount, and Good for Me—companies that have achieved a 2- to 4-fold increase in authentic ratings and reviews through Lipscore. Browse our Viskan platform case studies to learn about client successes with Lipscore.


Swedemount designs superb outdoor and sports apparel that outfits the whole family. Their innovative gear is chosen by the Swedish Biathlon Team and loved by fitness enthusiasts all over the [...]
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Holebrook Sweden’s Success with Lipscore and Viskan

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Anneli Gustavsson, Brand & Marketing Manager at Holebrook Sweden, Paulina Görlin, E-commerce Manager at Holebrook Sweden, and Gunilla Esbjörnsson, CMO at [...]
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