PrestaShop is a popular eCommerce platform that allows for easy integration with Lipscore.


Type of integration: Lipscore app developed by KomplettNettbutikk. The app is created for Prestashop version, Classic Theme; it may work on other themes, but it is not guaranteed. Older Prestashop versions need to be upgraded. Alternatively, the integration can be done via API or Purchase widget.  

Who can do the integration: Usually the customers need the help of their in-house developers or agency, but you may try to complete the steps described in the guide below yourself.  

Estimated time for integration: You may order integration from Komplettnettbutikk. It usually takes up to 7 days at the cost of 2499 nok (eks mva) – assuming that the requirements described above are met. Additional development comes with extra charge.


Prestashop, the popular e-Commerce platform, integrates easily with Lipscore. Follow the lead of various PrestaShop online stores—such as Sweef, Sportsdeal, and Piggabutiken—to generate 2 to 4 times more ratings and authentic reviews using Lipscore. Browse our references to read more about their experiences.


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