Nyehandel is an all-in-one platform designed for the future, addressing customers’ evolving needs. Their solution assists in automating and streamlining your business. By consolidating various processes within a single platform, you not only save valuable time but also optimize your resources efficiently.

To utilize the integration between Nyehandel and Lipscore, all you need is an API key – that`s it! Once you have connected the platforms, the integration operates seamlessly.


Fill in the API Key and Secret API key in Nyehandels platform. You find the information at your ”RealReviws” account and clicking on Setting —> General —> API settings. 

Who can do the integration: Anyone in your team with admin access to your website editor (no technical knowledge required) and your Lipscore account. Here are Nyehandel’s instructions . Lipscore is not involved in the integration process.

Estimated time for integration: 0 – 1 hours.

Estimated cost for integration: Free of charge.


Nyehandel, a all-in-one platform, and Lipscore has just joined forces.

Explore our selected reference Paapi.se. More references will come.


We`re excited to share that Paapi.se, the online hub for fashion enthusiasts, has just joined forces with Lipscore. Home to an array of brands spanning clothing, accessories, parfume, and body [...]
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