Norce is accelerating the pace of digital commerce through industry-leading technology, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation.

In 2021, Jetshop and Storm Commerce merged to form a unified e-commerce platform, now known as Norce.


Type of integration: Module developed by Norce. 

Who can do the integration: 
Norce developers activate the backend integration (= transfer of order data that triggers scheduling of invitations in the Lipscore system).
The frontend integration (implementation of widgets) will be handled by Norce’s or your frontend development agency.  

Estimated time for integration:
Backend: depends on Norce’s team availability.
Frontend: depends on the frontend team’s availability and the number of widgets / customizations you choose. 

Estimated cost for integration:
Backend (charged by Norce): Recurring fee of 1000 SEK per month.
Frontend (charged by Norce’s): 10-15h depending on the selected widgets and customizations (c. 1500 SEK per hour) for frontend integration + 3h config. If another frontend agency is to complete the integration for you, please ask them for a quote.


Join over 20 online stores powered by the Norce e-commerce platform—including Scorett, Din Sko, Ferner Jacobsen, 884 Altitude, and many more—to boost your ratings and authentic reviews with Lipscore!

Explore our selected references and read about their experiences with Lipscore below.

Siden Selma.

A few months back, Siden Selma decided to explore Lipscore's Free Analysis and was immensely impressed by the outcomes.
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In addition to overall product ratings and reviews, Scorett ask their customers to rate the actual size, quality and fit of their shoes. This additional information helps their customers make better informed [...]
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