nopCommerce is a scalable e-commerce platform suitable for both B2C and B2B. Lipscore is easily integrated into nopCommerce with native apps.


Type of integration: App developed by nopCommerce 

Who can do the integration: nopCommerce developers 

Estimated time for integration: Depending on Digitroll’s implementation queue. Around 2 weeks from when all necessary information is provided to the developers. 

Estimated cost for integration (charged by nopCommerce): The plugin itself costs 9750 NOK, with the implementation cost at around 2780 NOK + additional charge for Q&A, placing reviews in a tab instead of page bottom and other customizations. 


nopCommerce, a scalable e-Commerce platform, integrates easily with Lipscore. Join over 10 nopCommerce online stores—including GANT, Princess, Mimmis, and more—in leveraging Lipscore to secure more ratings and authentic reviews. Explore their successful experiences with Lipscore below.

Safa is redefining the online shopping adventure with a unique Lipscore feature that brings the stars out to play! This innovative approach has captivated their customers, reflected in an impressive [...]
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MegaNorge is a premier online destination for tools, machinery, and so much more. Now, they are revolutionizing their customer experience with Lipscore! With an impressive response rate on ratings, MegaNorge [...]
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