Motillo assists distributors, retailers, and brands in boosting their e-commerce sales across both B2C and B2B channels. Specializing in building e-commerce solutions on the Litium and Optimizely platforms, Motillo offers tailored services to meet your needs.

Lipscore provides native apps for Litium, facilitating a quick and seamless integration. If you’re a customer of Motillo, the team can assist you in integrating Lipscore into your online store. Additionally, as a Motillo customer, you’ll benefit from a fixed discount on your Lipscore subscription, along with a fixed, low price for the integration.


Motillo, specializing in building e-Commerce solutions, and Lipscore share a number of mutual customers. Explore our selected references and read about their positive experiences with Lipscore below.

Golvvärmebutiken Ab

Golvvärmebutiken leverages Lipscore to collect both Service and Product reviews, achieving a response rate that outpaces our average. The result? A storefront that’s quickly filling up with star-studded reviews. These [...]
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Ahoy is an online store that sells all kinds of boat equipment. They have been gathering ratings and reviews with Lipscore since the company was established and the online store launched [...]
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