ITX streamlines and simplifies customer service with an all-in-one solution that incorporates Lipscore’s Support Trigger and Q&A features.

Through a seamless integration, Lipscore functions as a communication channel alongside chat, telephone, and email—directly within ITX. This means that all product page questions (Q&A) and negative reviews (Support Trigger) appear in ITX in a separate Lipscore queue.

Support agents can effortlessly switch between managing emails, tickets, social media, chat, and telephone calls, as well as sharing or viewing screens and cameras. They can also respond to Lipscore reviews and Q&As.

The outcome is exceptionally fast and personalized customer service!


ITX, the all-in-one solution, seamlessly integrates with Lipscore. Over 20 retail chains and online stores utilize the combined power of Lipscore and ITX to enhance customer experiences. Browse our selected references to read about their positive experiences with Lipscore.


Maxbo, Norway’s beloved home improvement and construction ally, has significantly enhanced its customer experience and product selection by leveraging Lipscore’s innovative feedback system. Known for their commitment to quality and [...]
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Apotera, the premier online Norwegian pharmacy, harnesses the features of Lipscore to deliver a shopping experience that is not only seamless but tailored to each customer`s unique needs and expectations. [...]
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